Are You Obsessed With Your Little One’s Scores?

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If your child’s performance at their Online Elementary School gives you sleepless nights or nightmares, you are not alone. Take our quiz and find out where you stand.

EXAMS! Yes! I just said the E- word. Does it raise your blood pressure instantly? Or are you a cool mom who doesn’t believe in ranking? Whichever side you’re on, all you want is just the best for your children and there is no way one can doubt that.

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But you could be under or overdoing it. Though there are no right or wrong answers, the questions that follow will help you figure out if a little less or more can prove to be better for your budding geniuses, since all type of educations are important, from basic education, languages or financial education in your children, so using resources like The Children’s ISA can be really helpful for this.

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1.Do you have numbers, email IDs and work experience details of your child’s teacher?

 A. Only her favourite teachers or teachers of the subjects that she finds difficult.

 B. Just basic details of all the teachers, and nothing more.

 C. Contact and work experience details of all the teachers. This includes tutors the principal two.

2. How often does your child go down to play with his/her friends (excluding extra curricular activities or sports coaching)?

A. Every day for a few hours.

B. Most days for an hour or after coaching or tuitions.

C. Just on weekends mostly. It becomes difficult on weekdays with School, tuitions and homework.

3. How important is your child’s ranking in class?

A. I feel the ranks system should be done away with altogether. It only adds to the pressure.

B. Everyone will like their child to come first. But as long as my little one puts in genuine effort, I have no complaints. I’m happy.

C. My child should always be among the top five and I’m willing to work hard to make it happen.

4. How many preparation courses for ielts in Malaysia and tuitions does your child attend after school?

A. None. He studies enough in school and then for his homework. No more is needed.

B. Only for subjects he/she finds difficult to crack.

C. Almost for all the subjects. The extra coaching is required to get the desired scores.

5. Other than homework and tuitions, how many hours a day does your child study after his school?

A. No additional studies unless exams are on. Give the poor kid a break!

B. May be an hour or so sometimes – additional reading or brushing up some math skills.

C. Every day – preparation for the next day, revision and maybe some mock tests.

6. Have you started thinking about colleges and areas of study for your child?

A. Not yet. First, my child has to decide what she wants to do in life.

B. I have some thoughts and when the time is right, we’ll sit down and discuss future plans. Ultimately, it’s up to her.

C. She has to be in one of the top five colleges for sure. That’s always been our plan and we are sticking to it.

7. How often do you discuss your child’s progress at school with teachers?

A. Only at PTAs.

B. Off and on, in case my child is facing issues with certain subjects.

C. Regularly. It’s important to stay in touch and find out how my child is coping at school.

8. What do you do if your child flunks a test?

A. A reassuring pat on the back letting him know that it has happened to the best of us.

B. I feel low for a week or so but let him know that one failure doesn’t define you. We tackle the problem as a family.

C. No TV, no friends until scores are up again with extra time and tuitions dedicated to the subject.

Mostly As:

You are the ultimate cool mom for whom academics don’t even feature in the list when compared to your child’s happiness. We think that’s great! However, a little sit-down time with studies or hobbies will be helpful. It teaches children the importance of dedicating time to something and will be useful ones they grown up and start working. But advocating effort combined with guidance and commending that effort regardless of the result will go a long way.

Mostly Bs:

Nothing is more important to you than your kids’s happiness but at the same time, you want her to carve her own future. So you congratulate a good effort but lay down consequences when needed. You get her extra help or counseling when required but make sure she enjoys life as well. Results are important to you but you understand that every child cannot be first in class. You try to focus on the strong points without letting the weaknesses define your child.

Mostly Cs:

You are an Ivy League Mom! Nothing short of a rank on top three will do for you. It’s a tough world out there and you want your child to not only survive, but thrive! So you want him to get into the best college. We get it! But easing off a bit will not have as negative an impact as you think. Playing with friends, spending fun time with family and learning a hobby help refresh the mind. After all, the brain can only jam so much at one go. Kids need a break and it will only help them concentrate better afterwards. So put down the micro-managing manual for a bit. You might be surprised at the results!

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