As Birth Approaches

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Between weeks 36 and 38 the baby’s head is likely to “engage”. This is when it settles downwards, deep in your pelvis ready for the birth . You should feel some relief from the pressure in your abdomen when this happens which is why it is sometimes referred to as “lightening “. You will start to feel less breathless now because the baby is no longer putting any pressure on your diaphragm and your lungs.

If this is not your first baby but your second or third child,the head may not engage untill you actually go into labour.

Premature And Twin Births

If the baby is born before 37weeks it will be describe as being preterm or premature. Most premature baby’s are nursed in a special care baby unit (SCBU) or, if very sick or small, an intensive care baby unit (ICBU).Babies are given expert care and attention in these facilities, so that even those who are born as young as 24 weeks have a reasonable chance of survival. With modern technology even babies as young as 24 weeks normally survive in the special baby units

If you are giving birth to twins, the labour doesn’t usually take any longer then if you are giving birth to a single baby (singleton). Because twins tend to be smaller babies, the labour and birth can often be easier and less painfull. Ones the birth canal has been stretched to allow  one baby to be born, the second baby will usually be born quite quickly. If twins share the placenta, they will both be born before it is delivered. Even if they are fraternal twins and each have their own placenta they will usually be born first, although occasionally one baby is born,  followed by its placenta before the second baby arrives.

  • This is probably the last time for a while that you will have time to yourself, so make the most of it and rest often.

  • As the birth approaches, it is a good time for you and your partner to start making a list of names that you both like.

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