Baby’s Position

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How to tell which way baby’s head is?

Trying to figure out that which way baby’s is facing, can be more entertaining than any of daily SOAP’S or Reality TV. Best is to  go to your doctor & he or she will figure it out by Palpating your abdomen for recognizable baby parts & by hearing the location of Heartbeat or Ultrasound is the most reliable option.But not opting for any of above solution and u can’t resist thinking about or felling your tummy below clue may help you try looking for these markers for taking a guess without any help.

  1. The baby’s back is usually a smooth,convex contour opposite a bunch of little irregularities, which  are the “small parts”—Hands, Feet, Elbows
  2. In the 8th month the head has usually settled near the Pelvis; It is round firm, when pushed down bounces back without the rest of the body moving.
  3. The baby’s bottom is a less regular shape and softer,than the head.

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