Bad Habits : Cam And Dummy

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In the search for the correct answer moms are turning to specialists. But as you know many people –  many opinions. Therefore, we must, first of all, listen to the needs of the child, and then listen to what they say therapists and other medical professionals. Try to understand the issue.


Baby learns to suckle, while still in her mother’s tummy. And in this world he comes with that habit. Suckling crumb meet simultaneously with the receipt of breast milk. Thus, he is full, busy and commonplace. But parents are beginning to confuse the kid. And as soon as his attempt to suggest he whined to suck, but not a warm mother’s breast, and a rubber nipple.

According to studies, due to the use of pacifiers 65 per cent of babies refuse the breast for three months, and that the presence of breast milk in the mother. And if they did not refuse, then mother started a problem with a lack of milk. For its production in sufficient quantities to put baby to breast as often as he asks. If, however, in response to a request for some mothers milk offered pacifiers – the chest reduces the amount of food produced.

Passion pacifier can lead to the development of malocclusion in the child. After sucking technique and pacifier differ: the different movements the tongue, cheeks and jaw. If the jaw does not develop right then your child may need to seek help from a tmj dentist later on to treat any symptoms associated with an underdeveloped jaw, like headaches.

Abuse of a child from a pacifier alienated mom. Part of the love and attachment to the dearest person in the world is transferred to the object, replacing her breasts – in a bottle or pacifier. The child calms down just by the nipples, not my mother’s breast or her warm hands.

Unsafe pacifier affects the health of the baby. In natural latex, once the most popular material for the production of the nipple, contains more than 200 different fractions of proteins, some of whom have allergic activity. From 40 to 60 percent of children are susceptible to latex and because he “earned” an allergic reaction. Hence, various skin symptoms, sneezing and runny nose. Companies producing goods for children, refuse to produce nipple and pacifiers made of this material and pass on silicone. But his security while not fully defined.

And here’s a list of problems that can make a child out of the use of pacifiers:-

  • Difficulties with the pronunciation of certain sounds;
  •  Gastro-intestinal tract due to improper and inefficient chewing in the mouth;
  •  Underdevelopment of the lower or upper jaw;
  • Distortion or hypoplasia of nasal channels, leading to a chronic runny nose and such harmful features, such as snoring;
  • Poisoning, since dummy – a source of infection for the baby. Some mothers sometimes not possible to sterilize a pacifier, for example, during a walk. In order to disinfect it, it simply licks. That is a baby and fall to microbes and from his mother’s mouth.

Finger and cam

When a child begins to pull his finger in his mouth or jaw – this is not a habit, but a way to know all the fun around. The kid is so familiar with the environment. Later in his mouth starts to get all that close: rattles, diaper, mom’s hand, her clothes. This is normal behavior when a child is in active wakefulness. While it is not played enough, to pull something out of his mouth a little explorer will be difficult.
But if the baby is sucking his finger when he wants to sleep, it is worth fighting for.
  • Stubbornness to resist a baby sucking fingers refuse will not be easy. Have to go through his bitter tears, the reluctance to settle down and fall asleep. Pediatricians strongly recommend to endure a difficult period, but from a moral point of view, it’s hard. So many mothers give up. In this case, you can reassure yourself that thumb-sucking cannot harm their health, as in the case of pacifiers.
  • Rather moot point, but the dentists insist on the fact that this habit is not harmful for the growth of the molars. Before they occur in children, sucking thumb, upper front teeth often come forward and the front lower teeth grow back a little. The more the baby sucks his finger, the more teeth are displaced. This largely depends on the position in which the child’s finger in his mouth.
  • According to doctors, thumb-sucking has no effect on the child’s permanent teeth that begin to appear about 6 years. By this time in children they’re already having other habits, thumb sucking  forgotten.
  • Stubborn thumb sucking can be an alarming signal – the child lacks parental care and attention. Mom in this case, should review their schedule of cases and often play with the baby, telling him stories, make people laugh. It is possible that the problem will be solved.The problem of choosing a finger or a pacifier for many years. With that face each generation of mothers. But the right answer – that the best is still there. And, not to harm the child in the desire to make it better – to make a pacifier and weaned from thumb-sucking, should look at the issue through the eyes of a baby. Do not want to suck on a pacifier crumb – not accustom.
Nature do not fool with latex and silicone breast substitutes. And if sucking fingers brings crumbs at this point satisfaction – do not interfere in this process. And listen to all the disputed points only from mother’s heart. After all, it never lies, and no mistakes.

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