Bed Rest When You’re Expecting Multiples

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To bed rest or not to bed rest? That is the question many moms-to-be of multiples ask, and many practitioners don’t always have an easy answer. That’s because there really isn’t an easy answer. The obstetrical jury is still out on whether bed rest helps prevent the kinds of complications sometime associated with a multiple pregnancy (such as preterm labor and preeclampsia). So in the meantime, until more is known, some practitioner prescribe it in some cases. The more babies in a pregnancy, the more likely it will be prescribed, since the risk of complications increases with each additional fetus.

Be sure to have a decision with your practitioner early in your pregnancy about his or herphilosophy on bed rest. Some practitioners prescribe it routinely for all expectant mothers of multiples (often beginning between 24 and 28 weeks); more and more do it on a case-by-case basis, taking a wait-and-see approach.

And Keep in mind that even if you aren’t sent to bed, your practitioner will probably still advise you to take it easy, cut back on work, and stay off your feet as much as possible during the latter half of you pregnancy – so get ready to rest up.

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