Best Way To Conceive Twins

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Many women, pre-pregnancy planning, dream of conceiving twins. After all, twins and triplets often cause others attention and affection, despite the fact that they bring up – twice as hard. But if this is possible, especially to plan the birth of twins and become a mom of two babies at once?

Of course, the plan clearly not having twins. But there are several factors that increase the chance of conceiving twins. According to recent studies, women who during pregnancy breastfed, there is a chance of multiple births. The relationship between breastfeeding and multiple pregnancy allegedly due to depletion of calcium in lactating women, which affects the egg during conception and ovulation. Also a high probability of conception of twins in women after age 30. This may be due to enhanced ovulation of several eggs, leading to the birth of fraternal twins. women who give birth more than once and are more likely to conceive twins. With each subsequent birth of twins to have a chance to grow.

It is believed that the most favorable time for conception of twins is considered to be spring, when there is an increase of the day, as the length of daylight depends hormone. It is also noticed that the conception of twins may also affect the duration of the menstrual cycle. More likely in women with a cycle of 21-22 days. Most pregnant women and the twins, who have abnormalities in the structure of the uterus (“horned” womb, uterus with septum). It is known that women of a certain nationality, for example, the percentage of African-American birth of twins is higher than in women of other nationalities.

Of course, women who have sisters or brothers-twins have a better chance of conceiving twins. Also, if your family, especially the mother, the twins are often born, it is possible that you will be born as twins. Typically, such women are born fraternal, not identical twins. This is explained by the possibility of fertilization by more than one egg at any time of ovulation. Of course, increased the chances of conceiving twins, triplets and even in women taking hormones and undergoing procedures in vitro (IVF). However, on their own without a doctor’s prescription to take these drugs are dangerous to health.

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  1. promise Ani says:

    i want to have a female baby so please try to let me know what to do about it

  2. jane says:

    i want to conceive should i go about it

  3. Charlye says:

    I want to conceive twins. Can you help me please

  4. Karelia says:

    So lovely baby twins 🙂

  5. mari says:

    Really trying to conceive if u have any tips the I can do myself I would love to hear about them I have alot of twins in my family so what r the chances of conceiving

    • chane daubern says:

      Hi, I just won’t to know if I’m pregnant. My nipples are sore and bigger but my breast aren’t sore. I have this huge feeling that I am pregnant. I get massive head ages and feel light headed most of the time. My hormones get really crazy sometimes… And I feel sometime something twisting in my stomach. Could I be pregnant?

  6. Mari says:

    Very interested in any tips on how to conceive twin or single babies if you have any tips on how to do this without doctors or banks to conceive with my husband at home would really love to hear from you please

  7. Cindy says:

    Oh how i love twins and wish to have a pair….please shade more light on how to conceive shall be my pleasure to have them as it has been my life wish and its saying there are more chances in women whose cycle is 21-22 days mmh am so much happy to be one of them! Twins are what i need most!!

  8. fadeelah says:

    I realy would like to conceive twin wot can I do

  9. njabs says:

    is it dangerous to use fertility pills for conceiving twins….i would love to have twins

  10. Cindel says:

    Angela Griffith – Oh my goodness!!!! Where do I start! that first one is such a fabuolus keepsake for her to pass down to her little one!! The second one is simply gorgeous!!! Love the brushes you did on that image! Awesome job once again Dawn! This is your thing!!!!!!!!

  11. Lydia Mmathebe Lebotse says:

    hi im a lady of 40yrs with 18yrs old girl.i wants to concieve twins,
    what can i eat to increase the chances.but now i suspect that im
    pregnant coz i missed my date for january.
    please help.

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