Budget Decor : 8 Fresh Ideas

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How to transform a boring interior without the expense? Very simply, if we use our decorating ideas! We offer you fully upgrade the budget room, kitchen, bedroom and bathroom.

1. Wall Stickers

There is no easier and faster way to renovate the interior than the labels (stickers) for the walls . They can be bought at IKEA and other stores for repair and home improvement, as well as on the Internet at the Modular Home Builder website who will also help you with the installation.

Topics – all kinds: from landscapes to the living room and giraffes for children, ending the baroque flourishes to the bedroom and kitchen chopper.

Stickers are made of thick vinyl, easy to apply and also easy to remove from the surface. Stickers for the wall can be colorful and monochrome.With their help, transformed not only walls but also cabinet doors, facades kitchen and tile in the bathroom mirror or even the ceiling installed by Tile installation and bathroom renovations Calgary.

2. Decorative composition

Become an artist and create your own compositions, which will be a bright accent to the interior.

It may just be a vase of fresh flowers or branches. In a flat, broad basket easily create a very impressive composition with miniature pots of flowering houseplants.

Flavored Fleur hallway, living room or bedroom will give a medley of cones, nuts, dried apples and cinnamon sticks. These compositions are very popular in Europe on Christmas Eve . They also act as a necessary component candles.

Coffee or coffee table transforms the decorative composition on a flat tray (see photo).

3. Bathroom Accessories and Plumbing

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The easiest way to update the bathroom – to replace the old curtain on a new one, you can also contact remodeling contractors Boston to give your bathroom a new design.

Another great option is to look for shower doors sale to get a good deal and give your bathroom a totally different look.

Bath screens are made ​​of plastic or polyester, and the variety of pictorial motifs used to decorate this utilitarian object can compete with any textiles for the home.

When choosing curtains for the bathroom, consider the color of bath towels. It is best if they are combined with each other. In addition, the bath will help freshen the interior and new accessories – the original dispenser for liquid soap, toothbrush holder, or laundry basket.

Another great idea is to update your plumbing. When remodeling, people tend to forget to update their plumbing, which is the most important thing. Your bathroom may be beautiful, but if your plumbing is faulty, all of that will be in vain. You can find more info from Tom Moffett Plumbing about fixing your plumbing.

4. Photo Gallery

Photos help to fill the interior of a real homey feel.

You can hang pictures or in the garland on the walls of any room to make a gallery in the hallway, on a windowsill or dresser.

Original looks and the so-called “Tapestry” hanging , when the fine work (in this case, photos) of various shapes and sizes cover the entire wall surface. Use the cork board with nails or large frame with glass (as pictured) to create a “live” intra newspaper: place it on the most recent photos, greetings and messages.

5. Decor workplace

To the desktop you played with new colors, you need to start up from the table! And then – look around! Surely there is a round mass of unnecessary packaging that will help you create a new image of your home office.

Use baskets, boxes, a shoe, an empty tin boxes for ordering checks, receipts and business cards.In the china milk jug can put pens and pencils.

To transform a table lamp with the easiest way to a new lampshade . Obtyanite any frame you like cloth, decorated with lace, ribbon or lace.

6. Kitchen Decor

Most people dream of having a functional and luxurious kitchen. Kitchen remodeling contractors will provide you with many ideas to achieve that dream. However, not everyone can afford to spend thousands of dollars for renovations, so here are some tips to give your kitchen a new look without breaking the bank:

Vinyl stickers can easily transform the look of not only the walls, and a refrigerator, kitchen fronts and even microwave ovens.

It will bring fresh impetus to the interior and the original knobs for kitchen furniture, which are easy to find. Display cabinets in which to store your family set. You can easily decorate it with a piece of wallpaper, glued to the back wall (see photo). Or, a better idea would be a cabinet transformation from a cabinet refacing Redding, CA.

Another way to budget is to replace the kitchen curtains and blankets (pillows) for chairs.

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