Burping Baby

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Milk isn’t all baby swallows when sucking on a nipple. Along with that nutritive fluid comes non-nutritive air, which can make a baby feel uncomfortably full before before he or she’s finished a meal. That’s why burping baby to bring up any excess air that’s accumulated — every 60 ml (2 fl oz) or so when bottle feeding, and between breasts when breastfeeding (or mid breast, if a young infant is managing only one breast at a time) — is such an important part of the feeding process.

There are three ways  this is commonly done — on your shoulder, facedown on your lap, or sitting up — and it’s a good idea to try them all to see which works most efficiently for both you and baby. Though a gentle pat or rub may get the burp up for most babies, some need a slightly firmer hand.

  • On your shoulder. Hold baby firmly against your shoulder, firmly supporting the buttocks with one hand and patting or rubbing the back with the other.
  • Facedown on your lap. Turn baby face-down on your lap, stomach over one leg, head resting on the other. Holding him or her securely with one hand, pat or rub with the other.
  • Sitting up. Sit baby on your lap, head leaning forward, chest supported by your arm as you hold him or her under the chin. Pat or rub, being sure not to let baby’s head flop backwards.

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