Caring For Your Little Boy’s Genitals

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Keeping your toddler’s penis clean and healthy is actually pretty easy. And even though your tot is older now, keeping your toddler’s penis clean is still one of the simpler parts of his whole toddler grooming routine.

toddler penis care

toddler penis care

The circumcised penis

Routine washing with soap and water is the only care a circumcised penis requires.

The uncircumcised penis

No special care so required for the uncircumcised penis, either. It’s not only unnecessary but potentially harmful to try to forcibly retract the foreskin or to toy to clean under it with cotton swabs, water or antiseptics. Don’t worry about what looks like a cheesy material under the foreskin; this is the normal residue of cells shed as the foreskin and glands begin to separated. These cells gradually work their way out via the tip of the foreskin on their own, and continue to be shed throughout life. Phimosis is a genital condition that can also occur from childhood, so it is also important to know about different phimosis cure for your children.

Most Common Genital Problems in Little Boys

  1. Undescended testicles (cryptorchildism) : 
    What is it? A condition in which one testicle (or sometimes both) has not descended down into the scrotum.
    Who is susceptible? Most often, boys who were born prematurely, but the condition can also occur in full-term infants.
    Signs and symptoms. One testicle (for both, in 10% to 30% of cases) cannot be felt in the boys scrotum; if it has not descended by the child’s first birthday, it generally does not do so on its own. The right testicle is more often affected. Most frequently the undescended organ is in the inguinal canal that leads to the scrotum; but it may also lie elsewhere, just above the scrotum.
    Causes: Hormonal reasons or a physical blockage, such as an inguinal hernia, explain some cases of undescended testicle but the cause of other causes is unknown.
    Treatment. On examination, the doctor will try to manipulate an undescended testicle down into the scrotum. In some cases, surgery is performed without a trial of HCG. It is believed that hormonal or surgical treatment early in childhood of adult infertility.
    Note: If a child with an undescended testicles complains of grain pain, call his doctor immediately. It’s possible that the testicle has become twisted, cutting off its blood supply. IF he left untreated, the organ may be damaged permanently.
  2. Mental stenosis : 
    What is it? A condition in which the urinary flow is blocked or impeded.
    Who is susceptible? Any young boy, but the condition is more common in boys who are circumcised.
    Signs and symptoms. A narrow urinary stream, difficulty urinating, slow or dribbling urination, and occasionally, repeated urinary tract infections.
    Causes. Irritation of the tip of the penis causes the development of scar tissue around the meatus (the opening of the male urethra). The scar tissue reduces the opening.
    Treatment. If the doctors determine the treatment is needed, and minor surgery can corrected the problem. A general anaesthetic may be required for the brief procedure, but the discomfort that follow will disappear fairly quickly.
    Prevention. Avoiding rough underclothes, harsh laundry detergents, prolonged wetness from unchanged nappies or clothing, or anything else that could, over a period of time, irritate the meatus and lead to scarring.

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