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Pregnancy After Gastric Bypass

Feb 09, 2011 3 Comments by

Double congratulations—you’ve lost a whole lot of weight, and you’re expecting! But as you pat yourself on the back (or the belly), you may also be wondering how having had gastric bypass or lap band surgery will affect your pregnancy. Happily, not that much. Chances are you were advised not to become pregnant for at […]

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Your Pregnancy Profile And Preterm Birth

Jan 04, 2011 Comments Off on Your Pregnancy Profile And Preterm Birth by

Here’s the good news: It’s far more likely your baby will be arriving late (as in overdue) than early. Just about 12 percent of labors and births are considered premature, or preterm – that is, occurring before the 37th weeks of pregnancy. And around half of these occur in women who are known to be at higher risk for premature […]

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