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9 Benefits Of Taking Childbirth Classes

Apr 03, 2017 No Comments by

The countdown is on – and baby’s just around the corner. Of course you’re eagerly awaiting the arrival of your little one. But are you just as eager for the arrival of labour and delivery? Could that be trepidation mixed in with that excited anticipation? Relax. It’s normal to be a little nervous about childbirth […]

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Baby Kicking

Mar 14, 2011 1 Comment by

Fetuses are only human. Just like us, they have “up” days, when they feel like kicking up their heels (and elbows and knees), and “down” days, when they’d rather lie back and take it easy. Most often, their activity is related to what you’ve been doing. Like babies out of the womb, fetuses are lulled […]

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Trouble Sleeping During Pregnancy

Feb 21, 2011 5 Comments by

Between midnight bathroom runs, a racing mind, cramping legs, heartburn that’s keeping you upright, a hopped-up metabolism that’s keeping the heat on even when it’s off, and the impossibility of getting comfortable when you’re sporting a basketball in your midsection, it’s no wonder that you can’t settle in for a good night’s sleep. While this […]

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Itchy Belly

Feb 12, 2011 No Comments

Join the club, Pregnant bellies are itchy bellies, and they can become progressively itchier as the months pass. That’s because as your belly grows, the skin stretches rapidly, becoming increasingly moisture-deprived—leaving it itchy and uncomfortable. Try not to scratch, which will only make you itchier and could cause irritation. Moisturizer can temporarily curb the itching; […]

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7 Ways To Get Relief From Leg Cramps

Feb 04, 2011 No Comments

Between your overloaded mind and your bulging belly, you probably have enough trouble catching those z’s without leg cramps cramping your sleeping style. Unfortunately, these painful spasms that radiate up and down your calves and occur most often at night are very common among the expectant set in the second and third trimesters. No one’s quite sure […]

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What You Can Expect At This Month’s Checkup

Dec 22, 2010 No Comments

It will probably be business pretty much as usual at this month’s checkup. As you end your second trimester, you can expect your practitioner to check the following, though there may be variations, depending on your particular needs and on your practitioner’s style of practice: Weight and blood pressure Urine, for sugar and protein Fetal […]

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What You May Be Feeling

Dec 18, 2010 No Comments

As always, remember that every pregnancy and every woman is different. You may experience all of these symptoms at one time or another, or only a few of them. Some may have continued from last month, others may be new. Still others may be hardly noticed because you’ve become so used to them. You may also have […]

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Approximately 23 To 27 Weeks

Dec 02, 2010 No Comments

Your Baby This Month Week 23 . A window into your womb would reveal that your baby’s skin is a bit saggy, hanging, loosely from his or her little body. That’s because skin grows faster than fat develops, and there’s not much fat to fill that skin out yet. But don’t worry – the fat […]

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