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10 Top Tips On What To Eat Now To Protect Your Baby’s Future Health

Jun 05, 2012 No Comments

You are what you eat. That’s old news.

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Unusual Symptoms During Pregnancy

May 09, 2012 2 Comments

Everyone expects morning sickness and funny cravings during pregnancy

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Diet And Sex Of The Child

Apr 13, 2012 No Comments

In the quest to select a baby’s sex, success could depend on breakfast cereal and better nutrition, according to a new study that may offer some women another reason to eat their Wheaties. Mothers-to-be who skip breakfast and eat less are more likely to give birth to girls, while moms who consume more calories and […]

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Impacts Of Various Age-Group On Pregnancy

Mar 15, 2012 2 Comments

Ask several women what they think is the ideal age for pregnancy, and you’ll get wildly different answers. Those who give birth in their early 20s benefit from seemingly boundless energy and iiber-resilient bodies; the 30-something new mom is grateful to have established herself in her career before taking maternity leave; the woman in early […]

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The Morality Of Stem Cell Research

Mar 14, 2012 No Comments

Since the birth of Dolly the cloned sheep, the interest in stem cells seems to have grown incrementally year on year….

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Growing Baby – A Helpful Guide

Feb 24, 2012 2 Comments

Track the big changes you and your baby are going through each week….

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Pre And Post Natal Fitness

Feb 21, 2012 4 Comments

While you’re pregnant…. During pregnancy, when you feel sick, tired and hormonal, exercise might be the last thing you feel like doing, but in fact, it’s highly beneficial for both you and your baby.

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The Facts Of Prenatal Exercise

Feb 17, 2012 24 Comments

When  you’re pregnant, are you afraid to start or keep exercising? This myth-busting information will help you get the activity you need.

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How Much Weight Should I Put On During Pregnancy?

Feb 06, 2012 2 Comments

It’s natural that your body will change as your baby grows. Here’s everything you need to know about healthy weight gain in pregnancy

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Weight Gain During Pregnancy

Dec 09, 2011 1 Comment

One of the main evidence is the proper course of pregnancy weight gain according to accepted standards. The optimal weight gain during pregnancy – is 10-14 kg. Gain weight during pregnancy is composed of several indicators: the weight of the baby, uterus, amniotic fluid, placenta, and increased mammary glands, blood volume, and, of course, there […]

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Folic Acid Influences The Development Of A Child’s Speech

Dec 08, 2011 No Comments

Pregnant women not taking supplements with folic acid in the initial terms, risk negatively affect a child’s ability to speak, the latest survey of experts from Columbia University.

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