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Impacts Of Various Age-Group On Pregnancy

Mar 15, 2012 2 Comments by

Ask several women what they think is the ideal age for pregnancy, and you’ll get wildly different answers. Those who give birth in their early 20s benefit from seemingly boundless energy and resilient bodies; the 30-something new mom is grateful to have established herself in her career before taking maternity leave; the woman in early […]

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Older First-Time Mothers

Dec 26, 2010 No Comments by

If you are 35 or over, you will have been offered an amniocentesis because of the higher risk of fetal abnormality. The amniotic fluid will have been screened for a number of chromosomal disorders, which include down’s syndrome and spina bifida. Of course, you don’t have to have this test, but many mothers find it […]

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