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Skin During Pregnancy : Changes And Care

Aug 31, 2011 1 Comment by

During the first 9 months of pregnancy changes, in particular, the physiology of the skin – it becomes more sensitive and subtle. How to help yourself during this period?

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Skin Care/Cravings

Dec 17, 2010 1 Comment by

Your breasts are likely increase by as much as two bra size during pregnancy, so you will need to make sure that they are well supported so that they do not sag and become uncomfortable. Small bumps may appear in the skin around your nipples. These are sebaceous glands which secrete sebum, a fatty lubricant.¬†As […]

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Your Pregnancy Wardrobe

Dec 16, 2010 No Comments by

You will find that loose ordinary clothes, in a bigger size if necessary, will see you through most of your pregnancy. A few basic garments that are interchangeable will help you achieve a variety of looks. But skirts and trousers with elasticated waists, baggy shirts, and big t-shirts in natural fibres such as cotton. Choose […]

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Being At Your Best Looks In Pregnancy

Dec 13, 2010 1 Comment

You may find that your hair behaves in a rather unpredictable way while you are pregnant. Hormones changes mean that your hair may appear thicker than usual, or in some woman the opposite happens and the hair loss increases so that the hair looks thinner. Dry hair may become even drier and oily hair more […]

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