Conception Misconceptions

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You’ve heard plenty of tales about how best to make baby

Here are a few that are ready to be taken off  the circuit:

Myth: Having sex every day will decrease sperm count, making conception more elusive.

Fact  : Though this was once believed to be true , more recent research has shown that having sex every day  around the time of ovulation is slightly more likely to end in pregnancy than having sex every other day. More, apparently, is more.

Myth: Wearing boxes shorts will increase fertility.

Fact  : Scientists have yet to rule definitively on the boxers versus briefs debate, but most experts seem to think that   the underwear a man favors has little effect on the baby race. Though there is something to be said for keeping the testicles cool and giving them  little breathing room

Myth: Missionary position intercourse is the best way for sperm to reach their target.

Fact  : The cervical mucus that turns thin and stretchy around the time of ovulation is the perfect medium for sperm,   helping those boys swim up the vaginal tract, through the cervix, past the uterus, and up the fallopian tubes to the awaiting egg. Unless sperm have a motility problem, they’ll  reach their target no matter what  position you’re in while you’re doing it. It doesn’t hurt, however, to lie down for a while after intercourse so the sperm don’t run out of the vagina before they even get a running start.

Myth: Lubricant will help the sperm hitch a ride to Egg Central.

Fact  : Actually, the opposite is true. Lubricants can change the pH balance in the vagina, creating an inhospitable environment for the sperm. So lay off the Astroglide until after your conception mission is accomplished.

Myth: Daytime sex helps you conceive faster.

Fact  : Sperm levels do seem to be higher in the morning, but no clinical evidence supports that making hay while the   sun shines will increase your chances of conception.

First Thing First, Ovulation

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  1. Zeera says:

    I’m a wannabe mother and often times I feel the symptoms of pregnancy before a missed period. Symptoms like fuller and tender breast and pain around my nipple, I also feel like vomiting but to my disappointment my period wil be out at last. This happened to me last month and I’m really worried.

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