Coping With Sick Days Of Your Kid

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Too sick for school, but not for a little fun!

She may be contagious, but that doesn’t mean she’s stuck in bed. How to have a trouble-free day with a cooped-up kid.
Sick days are like regular days reflected in a fun-house mirror. The bad parts-the whining, the crankies`, the general touchiness-are grossly exaggerated… but so are the parts. Your child will hug you tighter, sit on your lap longer, and let you twist her curls without protesting. And then there are those times when a dose of doctor-approved pain reliever results in a bed-bouncing or just-plain-bored patient. Before you call in sick yourself (33 percent of working moms say they have to), determine if your child really needs to stay home. A gunky nose or hacking cough is no reason to quarantine her. However, if she’s has been feverish, vomited, or had diarrhea in the past 24 hours, or if she’s lethargic and just not herself, plan to play nurse. Here’s how to enjoy those snuggly moments and survive the rest.

1. Break out the photo album

Tired of the same book? Your child will end up “reading” family pics to you-“Look, das Gwamma!” or “I met Santa!” Bonus: He may even be content to sit and peruse them on his own.

2. Go hunting

Hide a bunch of similar toys (blocks, play food, small balls) around your house is fairly obvious spots so the game isn’t too difficult. Give him a bucket and send him looking. Kids will play this game over and over, so it eats up a nice chunk of time without much efforts on your part-perfect!

3. Take a walk

If it’s not too cold, bundle up your child in the stroller and go for a short jaunt. Fresh, brisk air can often do wonders for a croupy cough, and the change of scenery will do you both good.

4. Give him a gift

Whip out a toy you stashed away from the holidays or his birthday and watch his symptoms practically disappear-plus, it’ll entertain him longer than his same old stuff.

5. Watch TV

Let your sickie lounge around in his pj’s, watch Barney on repeat, and boss you around from the couch (“I’m thirsty!”). Take photos of your lethargic little couch potato-they’ll make you smile and say aww later on, no matter how horrible the day currently feels. Then cuddle up on the couch with him and sneak in all the kisses he’s too tired to shy away from. When he falls asleep, switch to The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills and thank your lucky stars you’re not one of them.

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