Cosmetics Of The Future: The Latest Gadgets To Guard Beauty

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Looked into the future make-up, to find out what gadgets will soon fill our bathrooms. From the sea of various innovations, we selected the most valuable, just testing the who, one wonders: “And how we lived without them before?”. To get custom products that really work, all you have to do is check this link right here now.

1. Beautiful skin without defects

Originally a hair dryer was the only professional tool. Only after a while it adapted for home use. With a pulse massager that reduces wrinkles, treating problem of skin and cellulite, there was the same story. Until recently, the procedure darsonvalization (Interference Current Therapy) Hollywood prima went to the aesthetic clinics and spas, and now you can without leaving the bathroom appeared to solve the problem of pimple or 15 minutes to refresh the skin, as with a skilled massage. Apparatus Gezatone Ozone Slean & Beauty Machine produce weak electric currents of high voltage on the skin. This speeds up the metabolism in the skin, enhances tissue nutrition and oxygen supply. The “spark” is indispensable if the skin is prone to the appearance of pimples. Ozone and nitrogen oxides that are released when “effervescent” mode, sterilize the skin, rashes and soothe dried. Also spark increases hair growth, activates the dormant bulbs, and even change the hair structure, replacing the vellus to core.

2. Hair coloring

In the hair, color changes take place all-time. First, it appears zhao chustvitelnaya paint, which is activated by heat – curling irons or hair dryer. It’s not just speed up and simplify the process, but also allow monitoring of emerging color. You can even adjust it! Second, gray hair will not have to paint. Recent studies are completed, and the result is a drug in pill form, which will cause the hair to restore its natural color. Work tablets compared with volume control on the receiver – if the right to use gene switches in the DNA, gray hair can not conceal from the outside and prevent the inside.

3. Painless Hair Removal

When it comes to proper skincare and laser hair removal, you can say “Goodbye!” Razors, waxes, and depilatories. In the near future you will be able to replace their home laser like the one carried in the cabin of photo-epilation. The laser removes not just hair, and kills the hair follicles, allowing hair to become weak and almost invisible, but after regular use, and completely stopped growing.

4. Daily skin diagnosis

Conversation heart to heart with your own reflection would change things for the better. So far only come up with “talking” mirror, which is interested exclusively in the state of your skin. The Mirror has a special sensor, carrying them on your skin, you know what care is needed. Should we not just moisturize and nourish your skin properly mask to prevent peeling and even a new wrinkle? Or, to calm, restore vitality and assign it a vitamin serum … Such attention will not go unnoticed – the skin of those organs that respond to the quivering care immediately: your condition greatly improves and the complexion becomes brighter.

5. Dental care without the dentist

Tooth whitening to a new level. Near the time when the tablet will be caring for your teeth from cavities and preventing staining of teeth with red wine, nicotine and coffee. Mark Lovenberg , a cosmetic dentist in New York City hospitals, argues that the toothpaste may be outdated, you can use mints that gives you fresh breath and help them fight dry mouth.

Now Canadian researchers together with the eminent Japanese cosmetic brand, working on a special brush. In a futuristic toothbrush handle is enclosed solar cell. It transfers electrons bristles, which interact with the acid in your mouth, eliminating the bacteria and preventing tooth decay better than most rich in vitamins and minerals paste. You can also get an invisalign glasgow here.

6. Tablet instead of sunblock

Everyone knows about the devastating effects of the sun on unprotected skin. And also how difficult it is to give up nice “bonuses” sunburn: a fresh, rested skin and excellent mood, which gives a “solar” vitamin D. Don’t Completely ignore the sun says dermatologists , but advised to take skin protection seriously as possible. Means for sunburn often do not protect from burns due to late and insufficient application of powerful filters, which are also disappearing in the water. The new word in sunscreens – tablets, which protect the skin from solar radiation. Nutraceuticals – a cross between a food additive and medicine. The composition of the solar pills include beta carotene, contributes to a more rapid, smooth and lasting tan. However, the main role in this pill is lactobacilli, or probiotics, which stimulates the immune defense and increases the protective function of the skin. Tablets should be used to start a month before the solar procedures, as well as after – to extend the life of sunburn. Nevertheless, some gadgets, which predicted a great future, and not taken root in our locker beauty. Machine hardware manicure (nail beauty we trust only a professional), an instrument for shaping the eyebrows (with tweezers and much more difficult to force the pull out more than the target), dermomassager – similar microdermabrasion (right line to find the massage and to act strictly according to instructions easy).

So the golden rule for innovation says devices operating in the service of our beauty, must solve complex problems, the easiest way. Only then will they face the title of your favorite beauty-invention.

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