Delivering Triplets

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Wondering if your triplets are destined to take the abdominal route out? Cesarean delivery is most often used for triplets—not only because it’s usually safest, but because C-sections are more commonly in high-risk deliveries (a category triplets always fall into) and because they’re more common among older moms (who give birth to the majority of triplets). But some doctors say that vaginal delivery can be an option if Triplet A (the one nearest the “exit”) is in a heal-down presentation and there are no other complicating factors (such as preeclampsia in the mother or fetal distress in one or more of the babies). In some rare cases, the first baby or the first and second may be delivered vaginally and the final one may require a cesarean delivery. Of course, more important than having all three of your babies exit vaginally is having all four of you leaving the delivery room in good condition—and any route to that outcome will be a successful one.

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