Diet That Keeps You Young

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There is no diet that can keep you away from ageing. But if you eat certain foods and make certain lifestyle changes can slow the process of ageing (i.e. wrinkles, hair fall and osteoporosis) these are some diseases and signs of ageing.

Your diet should have source of anti-oxidants, vitamins, minerals, good fat and your diet should be low in calories and high in nutritional value. Some of the vitamin and anti-oxidants are Phyto-chemicals, Vitamin B6 and B12, Folic acid, Zinc, Calcium, Iron, Chromium, Vitamin D and E and Omega 3 fatty acid.

  • Your diet should include plenty of whole grains,
    green vegetables, salads and fruit. If possible choose organic fruits and vegetables and other foods as well.
  • Always eat seasonal fruits as they are fresh not stored.
  • Sources of protein are important like fish, soya beans, peas, seeds, nuts, also milk by-product such as curd.
  • Fat should be taken from natural sources such as cold pressed oils, coconut, nuts etc.
  • Foods like barley, garlic, onion, mushroom should be taken on daily basis.
  • Whole grains should also be a part of daily diet.
  • Indulge in half an hour of exercise/yoga everyday and if possible meditate visit a holy place weekly.

Things to avoid to prolong your ageing:

  • Preserved food must be avoided.
  • Refined foods, sugars and processed food should be avoided or taken minimum.
  • Ensure good sound sleep at night at least 8 hours.
  • Have your meal slowly and in enjoyable company.
  • Avoid smoking and drinking of alcohol.
  • Have smaller meals and early dinner.
  • Avoid skipping your breakfast.

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