Discomforts In Late Pregnancy

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As you find getting around more difficult and everything generally more of an effort,  you may because irritable over the smallest thing, you will be impatient for your baby to arrive, and concern about the impending birth and worries about how you will cope with being a parent can make you short-tempered, especially with your partner. Tell him how you are feeling so that he understands why you are being so irritable and perhaps not paying him as much attention as usual.

Aches or pains around your pubic area, in your groin, or down the inside of your legs can be caused by your baby’s head pressing on the nerves, or by your pelvic joints beginning to soften in preparation for labour . Pain under your ribs is caused by the expending uterus pushing the ribs up. These aches and pains are not serious, but they can be quite uncomfortable. Sitting or standing as straight as you can, or stretching upwards, will help ease most of these discomforts, although you may find lying down better for relief of pelvic pain. If you get severe pain in your abdominal pain that is also accompanied by vaginal bleeding, you must get in touch with your doctor at once.

It is quite common to suffer from heartburn and nausea towards the end of pregnancy. This is caused by the enlarged uterus pressing on your stomach. It often helps to eat small meals at frequent intervals, rather than two or three big meals a day.

Ante-Natal Check

If there is any concern about the size of your pelvis in relation to your baby’s size , or there is some other reason for the baby’s delivery not being straightforward , you will be offered a scan and a cesarean may be discussed. If this is thought to be necessary, the doctor at the hospital where the delivery is to take place will explain the medical procedures that will be used.

  • Soaping in a warm bath can help to relive any aches and pains you are suffering.

  • In this late stage of pregnancy you will probably be able to feel the top of your uterus which is now positioned just below your breastbone.

  • As your baby increases in size, you may begin to find breathing uncomfortable and get some pain in your ribcage.

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