Earth Fire Water Air – Radiant Skin Made Easy

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Find Out Why These Four Elements Are Essential For Your Beauty Routine And How To Maximize Their Get-Gorgeous properties.

Looking your best doesn’t need to be complicated. In fact, some of the most powerful aspects of any beauty routine are, quite literally, elemental. Earth, fire, air and water are not only essential to life, but also make up the foundation of beauty products and techniques that gives us clearer and more glowing complexions, slow the aging process, add shine to hair and relax away ache and pains.

“For centuries, humans have relied on the healing properties of plants, clay, steam and water in caring for skin and hair”. And when you combine those time-tested ancient practices with the right advance in modern technology, you get the best of both worlds. You can harness the natural elements and make them all the more efficient and potent – not just for your physical appearance, but for your general well-being. Here’s how.

four elements and your beauty routine

four elements and your beauty routine


Cleanse, Detoxify And Tone
“Clay” draws out heat and toxins – which is why it’s also great for things like bud bites – and helps tone and firm the skin, as well.” Indeed, mud and clay have been used since ancient times for a variety of beautifying purposes. “Cleopatra used bentonite clay as part of her beauty routine”. “These minerals are renowned for their ability to absorb excess oil and dirt from the skin.” Just be aware : Because these types of products can be drying, they tend to be best for younger, moister and/or more oil skin.”


Release, Rejuvenate And Relax
Whether you enjoy a warm bath, sauna or hot stone massage, fire is an essential element in the pursuit of radiant skin. “Heat masks have been used since Roman times and are known for the ability to heat up quickly, to clean, moisturize and relax”. “The warmth of the mask expands blood vessels, increasing circulation to the face, which is what brightens your complexion.” Of course, heat also helps open pores, which improves the skin’s ability to absorb beauty products for moisturizing, purifying or refining.


Refresh, Hydrate And Heal
Counterintuitive as it seems, H2O on its own can be dehydrating. “That’s because water absorbs the natural oils that keep your skin moist”. “So products made with water as well as good lipids are necessary to help hydrate your skin.” And when you turn to the ocean for moisture, you boost the benefits exponentially. “Algae, sea kelp and bio-marine products have high amounts of antioxidants”. “Their free-radical-scavenging capabilities are excellent for protecting and repairing the skin.” Products with marine algae as an ingredient also help minimize irritation and inflammation.


Repair, Penetrate And Protect
Sometime you need to take a few deep breaths – and so does your complexion. Just as the inhaling of oxygen invigorates and energizes you, and even helps you to feel healthier, beauty products that contain oxygen are designed to deliver similar benefits to skin. “Oxygen increases blood flow, helps products penetrate into deeper layers of the skin and aids in lymphatic drainage and cell metabolism”. “It also decreases inflammation in the skin, which is a major cause of aging.”

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