Emotions In Late Pregnancy

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It is not just your body that is going through great changes while you are pregnant. Your whole way of life is changing and this can lead to conflicting emotions, especially during the last few months. You may wonder how you are going to cope with all the new responsibilities and be concerned about your baby – whether it will be born perfect in every way. Vivid dreams are common this time and can be worrying, especially if they are about the birth or babies. You may even feel occasionally that the whole thing has been ghastly mistake and that you want to go back to the way things were before you become pregnant. Don’t worry all these feelings are quite normal.
It helps to talk about your fears and concerns, either to your partner or to a close friend who has had similar feelings. Parentcraft classes are also a good place to discuss the worries, especially as you will be with other women who are experiencing the same emotions. If you find that talking about it doesn’t help and that  anxiety is taking over your life, discuss how you feel with your midwife or doctor.
Your Partner
It is easy to forget that an expectant father is also going through emotional changes as he comes to terms withimpending parenthood. He doesn’t have any outward sign of the change that is about to occur in his life, but that doesn’t mean he isn’t feeling the same concerns as you. He also has additional worries about you and how you will cope during labour ; he may even secretly fear for your safety during the birth. If he is now solely responsible for providing financially for you and the baby he may be feeling considerable stress.
Make time to talk to each other about your feelings and try to ensure that these last weeks before the birth are special for you both. Share the preparation for the birth so that each of you is involved in what is going to happen. Plan some treats where you can be alone together, such as a special dinner at a favourite restaurant, a trip to the theatre, or a weekend away at a hotel. By making time for yourselves you are less likely to have misunderstandings which could lead to hurt and disappointment.
Other Children
If you have other children you may have told them about the new baby early on in your pregnancy. Very young children will need to have it explained to them over and over again, because the concept of a new baby is hard for them to grasp. Older children will probably be very excited and will enjoy being involved in any preparations you aremaking for their brother or sister.
How children react once the baby is arrived depends a lot on their age and personality, as well as their relationship with you. A pre-school child may react by being naughty for a period in an attempt to get your attention. A toddler, who has recently been potty-trained, may start wetting or dirtying him- or herself again. Both age groups may start waking at night.
Use common sense and tact to minimize any problems. Talk to your children about the new baby, encourage their help and involvement when he or she is born but always make sure that they have time with you on their own.
  • Let an older child feel your bump, and talk to him or her about their new brother or sister, so they can get used to the idea of a new family member.

  • When your doctor checks your baby’s heartbeat, let any older children be present if they are interested.

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