Excessive Sweating

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It’s messy, but it’s normal. New moms are sweaty moms, and for a couple of good reasons. For one thing, your hormone levels are dropping – reflecting the fact that you’re no longer pregnant, as you might have noticed. For another, perspiration (like frequent urination) is your body’s way of ridding itself of pregnancy – accumulated fluids after delivery – something you’re bound to be happy about. Something you might not be happy with is how uncomfortable that perspiration might make you, and how long it might continue. Some women keep sweating  up a storm for several weeks or more. If you do most of your perspiring at night, as most new moms do, covering your pillow with an absorbent towel may help you sleep better (it’ll also help protect your pillow).
Don’t sweat the sweat – it’s normal. Do make sure, though, that you’re drinking enough  fluids to compensate for the ones you’re losing, especially if you’re breastfeeding but even if you’re not.

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