Exploring The Benefits And Drawbacks Of A Mommy Makeover

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Sixty-two percent of moms opt for plastic surgery like a smart lipo, a coolsculpting treatment, and a breast lift or a breast augmentation surgery because they want to get their pre-baby bodies back, according to statistics from the American Society of Plastic Surgeons. A mommy makeover is a single-stage cosmetic surgery procedure that restores the appearance and shape of a woman’s postpartum body, which is usually done in a med spa. This may include one or more plastic surgery procedures as the chest and tummy often change the most after childbirth, and most ladies aim to improve their breasts and bellies by having three or four procedures at one time. Here’s what you need to know about the pros and cons of a plastic surgery mommy makeover.

Gain confidence with a mommy makeover

mommy makeover

If you’re not happy with your post-baby body, a mommy makeover may boost your self-esteem considerably. Clinical assistant professor of surgery, Melissa Doft, considers a mommy makeover to be reconstructive cosmetic surgery and believes that these makeovers give women confidence by returning their figures to pre-baby condition. If you lack confidence in any sort of way, read this Health & Beauty Tips To Help Boost Your Confidence at the link.

According to the USAtoday.com website, the mommy makeover generally includes a stretch mark removal, a tummy tuck and a breast lift. Some women get more procedures, such as breast implant surgery or other methods such as breast reconstruction surgery, buttock augmentations or arm lifts, while others get less.

Breast implants and a lift will give your postpartum bosom a youthful, perky look, while liposuction or ‘laser lipo‘ and a tummy tuck will give your post-baby belly area a slimmer, tighter and smoother appearance, or with a vaser liposuction is a less invasive version of full lipo. A great alternative to liposuction is Zerona weight loss management, which is considered to yield better results through safer procedure

If you’d rather look like you did before childbirth (and perhaps started breastfeeding), then this type of plastic surgery makeover will be ideal.

Is there a downside to this procedure?
A study published in the Aesthetic Breast Surgery journal showed that 1.46 percent of women experienced hematoma or infection after breast augmentation and concomitant procedures. Higher patient ages increased the risk of hematoma and infection. Having a higher BMI (body mass index) boosts the odds of infection.
Aside from surgical risks, the price of a mommy makeover may be a downside. If you have between $5,150 to $19,400 to spend on changing your body for the better, then the cost of this cluster of cosmetic surgical procedures may not be a drawback. Information from the Realself.com website shows that most women spend $12,375 on their plastic surgery mommy makeovers.

Choose a board-certified plastic surgeon
Childbirth is a beautiful thing. It’s a miracle. However, it can take its toll on the female body. If you want to turn back the hands of time via invasive plastic surgery, you are a good candidate for a mommy makeover. Full results from this type of operation should be evident within a few months. Recovery time is generally three to four weeks. When shopping around for a plastic surgeon, look for one who is board-certified. Your plastic surgeon should have years of experience performing mommy makeovers for happy patients.

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