Eye Color : 5 Star Ideas That Are Worth To Take Note

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If you want to accentuate the beauty of your eyes, the focus needs to be on them when it comes to makeup! Want to know how to use makeup to highlight your eyes and make them more attractive? Take an example from the stars and do not be afraid to experiment! There’s all sorts of interesting options for you to try, and a bunch that you probably wouldn’t have though of. The following are 5 star ideas for improving and emphasizing the way your eyes look!

1. Heidi Klum

Monochromatic makeup looks very cool and natural! Famous model Heidi Klum has once again confirmed this by using a brown mascara makeup for eyes, light cream shade, and peach gloss paint to match.

2. Jessica Alba

Do you prefer low-key makeup and natural shades shadow? Do not be afraid to experiment! Add color to your makeup and try makeup eye shadows or bright colored eyeliner to draw, as does Jessica Alba . But do not forget that you need to choose the shade of the color of your eyes.

3. Chanel Iman

If you do a make-up emphasis on the eyes, emphasizing their dark shadows, it is better to make the lips neutral. Pay attention to the dark-skinned beauty makeup Chanel Iman : black smoky eyes are perfectly combined with a bright lipstick.

4. Jennifer Lopez

Many believe that pick up the shade of the color of clothing – bad form. But look at Jennifer Lopez : The color of shadows is not only ideally suited to her dress, but also very much goes to the singer.If you want to do make-up eyes the color of clothing, you should think over and wardrobe. Choose the color of shadows, which is suitable and combined with your dress.

5. Megan Fox

If you want to focus on the lips , the eye makeup is best to choose a style nude . To do this lightly Bring them in pencil and ink podkras eyelashes. Actress Megan Fox still uses haylayter, which she does at the inner corner of eyes and under the eyebrow to make eyes look more open.

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