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It’s always a good idea to keep your practitioner in the loop if you’re not feeling well right after giving birth. A fever on the third or fourth postpartum day could possibly be a sign of postpartum infection, but it could also be caused by a nonpostpartum-related illness. Fever can also occasionally be caused by the  combination of excitement and exhaustion that’s common in the early postpartum period. A brief low-grade fever (less than 100 degree F) occasionally accompanies engorgement when your milk first comes in, and it’s nothing to worry about. But as a precaution, report to your practitioner any fever over 100 degree F  that lasts more than a day during the first three postpartum weeks or that lasts more than a few hours if it’s a higher fever – even if it’s accompanied by obvious cold or flu symptoms or vomiting – so that its cause can be determined and any necessary treatment started.

After The Baby Is Born, Postpartum:The First Week
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