Fight against obesity should begin before your child learns to walk

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British health department has issued a health advisory about fighting Obesity. As per the statement, babies under the age of 5 and babies who cannot walk as yet should exercise daily. Babies who can walk should be active for 3 hours daily minimum.

Parents should take care that children under 5 should not watch television or should strapped in a stroller.Last month, US Institute Of Medicine issued diet and activity recommendations for youngsters. The advice was that pre-school aged kids should exercise 15 minutes of every hour spent in a child care.

Both British and American experts recommend that parents should limit the amount of time babies spend in their swings or bouncers or any other equipment while they’re awake. The daily exercise could include walking to school or simply playing around for children who can walk.

For infants who can’t walk should be left to play on the floor or the stomach of the parents or taking mild swimming lessons considering child’s physical and mental ability.

To prevent children from becoming obese, parents should encourage and introduce fun physical activities. For children and adolescent’s, at least one hours of exercise or intensive activities are recommended.


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