Final Preparation

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Even though your baby is not due for some weeks,  you should be ready in case he or she decides to put in an early appearance. Check the nursery and make sure all the baby’s sheets and blankets have been washed and aired. Soft out all the baby clothes and put the ones you will want immediately after the birth in your hospital case.

It’s good idea to stock up on non-perishable goods and to fill the freezer, if you have one. This will save you from having to do a lot of shopping over the next few weeks and will allow you more time with the baby when you first come home.

Make sure you know where your partner is going to be over the next few weeks; if he is out and about it may be good idea for you both to have mobile phones. Keep your car filled with petrol and make sure  that you both know the quickest route to the hospital. Have a list of emergency numbers, including a local taxi firm, beside the telephone.

The Hospital.

Pack what you want to take to hospital several weeks before the delivery date; keep the bag where you can easily get it when the times comes. Remember that there are three separate aspects to consider: labour, your hospital stay, and going-home clothes for you and the baby.

You should bring any personal items that will make life more comfortable for you during labour. Include anything from a personal stereo and your favourite music to a face cloth and massage oils. You may even want to take along a bean bag if you are planning an active labour and your hospital doesn’t provide these. Leave some room for last minute items such as an ice pack for your partner. Don’t forget to put your birthplan and maternity record right at the top so that you can give these to the midwife when you arrive at the hospital. It is sensible to pack things for labour separately, since you will want to be able to get to them quickly.

How much you pack for the hospital depends on your planned length of stay after the birth. The hospital may issue a list of the items that you will need to bring with you. But  if it doesn’t, ask your midwife whether you need to take in baby clothes and nappies, or contact the maternity unit direct. If you are staying for a few days and aren’t too tired, you might want to write cards to your friend and relatives announcing your baby’s arrival, so remember to include birth announcement cards, your address, book, and stamps. You should also bring change in case you need to use hospital pay phones.

You will need cloths for you and your baby when it’s time for you to return home. It is sensible to pack a small bag now with all the items you think you’ll want to return journey;you can either bring it with you or your partner can bring it later. Remember that although you will feel considerably slimmer than you were before the birth , it takes a while before you get your fingers back, so your going-home outfit will still need to be loose.

  • It is sensible to pack a small bag for your brief stay in hospital well in advance in case you have to leave in a rush. Don’t forget some clothes for your new baby to wear.

  • You might need to get to the hospital quickly,  so have your bag packed and keep a local taxi number close to hand.

  • It is a good idea to buy vegetables and others food that can be cooked and frozen in preparation for when you return from the hospital.

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