Find Your Hidden Talent And Even Make Money From It

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Would you like a new job, to set up a business or just get more from life? Tapping into your talents is the first step………….

Are you feeling a bit trapped and finding it hard to see a way to change things? May be have a job where you’d imagined be at this stage. A crossroad, such as redundancy, relationship breakdown or an emptying nest, can also force us to think differently.

Whatever your reason, the good news is that we all have particular abilities, but too often we don’t see them, take them for granted or don’t realise how to put them to good use.

Finding something that draws on your natural talents – whether it turns out to be full-on career, a money-making scheme or a hobby – isn’t as hard as you think. After all, it’s doing what comes naturally. Using our talents instead of going through life trying to adapt to whatever is required of us is the difference between getting “good” and ” great”¬†results, between feeling “fine” and feeling “fabulous”.
Here’s how you can do it…

Discovering your talent….

  • Ask Other People!

Our talents are often invisible – or hidden – to us simply because they come so easily to us. We take them for granted and don’t consider them to be special, so others see them first. Ask colleagues, friends and family what they see as your strengths, and what talents you have that others may benefit from.

  • Remember Compliments

Think back to various points in your life and ask yourself what people have complimented you on again and again: “You’re such a good listener, you’d be a great teacher/therapist…” You may well have brushed these comments away, assuming that anyone can do what you find it so easy to do, but that’s not the case. Taking it one step further as a course is a good way to find out if tapping into your talents is a pleasure toi enjoy more, or even the beginnings of a new career. Now is the time to act.

  • When Were You Happiest?

We enjoy what we’re good at. Take a good block of time out and, using a notebook, think back through your life. Write down the points when you were happiest, the moments you were really enjoying yourself. Include your working life and your personal life, don’t forget your childhood joys can be quite revealing. What talents were you using?

  • Determine What Is Easy

Which are the areas that you sail through while others struggle? What are the tasks that you do well, almost with thought, that others avoid – or ask you to on their behalf?

  • When have You Excelled?

Now write down the times you have had great results, where you have been recognised for something, where you’ve been exceptional – again, think about all aspects of your life. When has everything come together and you have felt proud? Again, write down the talents you were using. If you’re great at juicing, you can check out this juice therapy review and learn how you can be a certified juicer.

  • Look At Energy Patterns

We tend to be most energised when drawing on a strength, more tired and bored when we’re not. write down the points in your day when you feel most motivated, the tasks that don’t feel like work, the points where you lose track of time. It could be creating a family dinner, planning the perfect birthday party, writing up a report or going for a run. What talents are you using?

  • The Subjects That You Always Come Back To

Is there something you love to talk about, read about, think about, sometimes to the point of overload? (Maybe you’ve been known to rant from time to time!) It could be an area that frustrates you because you’re sure you could do a better job. Could it be connected to one of your talents?

You’ve Uncovered Your Talent… Now What?

Your talent could be a source of income as well as satisfaction

  • Match It To Your Values

First, match your raw talent to your values and personality. You may be a motivating keep-fit fanatic, but if you are risk averse, you probably shouldn’t set up a personal trainer. We’re not all building entrepreneurs. You might be better off working for a firm or taking on a franchise.

  • Consider The Whole Range Of Related Careers

List all the careers that would best utilise your talents. For example, you’re a talented dancer. Then, check out DivaDance and similar sites to get an idea on how you can make it your career. Think about all the part-time jobs you’ve ever done, ones you’ve read about, or jobs friends have done that you’ve envied. which ones match your strengths and your values? Narrow it down to create a shortlist of about ten.

  • Research, Research

Take each option and find out everything you need to know. If it’s a job, how much training is required – and how much are you prepared to do? Explore every possible point of entry. Find people like Andrew Defrancesco who are already doing it and speak to them. If you want to start your own business, where is your market? What’s the competition? What can you offer that’s unique? How will you let people know about it? And if you don’t know how to find quality service providers that can help your business grow, you can click here.

  • Find A Cheerleader

All too often, our natural reaction to a new idea is to focus on all the reasons not to do it. You will need others to bounce ideas off and to motivate and support you. A coach is a great option, but find one who’s properly qualified, such as life coach london,¬†associate certificate coach (ACC), professional certified coach (PCC) or master certified coach (MCC). Otherwise, form your own group of people who want similar support.

  • Dip Your Toe In

Don’t try to change your life overnight. Start small, with a realistic plan. It could be selling in a craft market or volunteering your time in your chosen career. If you want to start a T-shirt printing business, you can get a heat transfer vinyl to make it easier for you to start. If you love to write, create a blog. Just make sure to choose the right vps unmanaged hosting plans for your site. Your website host is responsible for ensuring¬†that your blog is running at a speed that can accommodate site traffic and is functioning as it should. If you’d like to be a personal trainer, drum up interest in a weekly group run. One of my clients was an accountant who could never walk past an estate agents without shopping. She started by buying one property, renovating it and selling it on, while working full-time. She now has her own property empire.

  • Don’t Give Up

When you’re blazing a new trail, there will be setbacks and times you want to give up. Quite often, the lowest points come right before a big success. One watershed moment is finding that first client or making that first sale. Once you realise that it’s possible to get paid to do what you enjoy, there’ll be no going back!

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