Haircuts 2011 – Star Style

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1. Jennifer Aniston

Stylist Chris McMillan stars had created for her new image based on the classic hairstyles “bob”, leaving the hair long in front and behind them shortened to the neckline. Looks very sexy.

2. Jessica Alba

Creating a new image for Jessica Alba – stylist Robert Ramos also based his haircut “bob”, but did it in style punk. However, the hair looks very nice, and all at the expense of laying. Cropped hair stylist packed layers of soft strands. New style to face Jessica, which although has an angelic appearance, but not, alas, once fell in the lists of the worst actresses in Hollywood.

Make a hairstyle like Jessica : the hair, same like Jennifer Aniston back shorter than the front. Just a difference of a couple of centimeters.

3. Emma Watson

Emma Watson was introduced with a short haircut at the premiere of “Harry Potter” . “Emma’s face is perfect for short haircuts,” – says stylist Rodney Cutler. Coiffure emphasizes the natural beauty of the young actress.

Make a cut as Emma’s : for this hairstyle hair shear off layers in a circle, so that they framed a soft head. There are no clear boundaries between the layers, only the soft line.

4. Keira Knightley

Especially for Keira Knightley stylist Michael Barnes made ​​the cut, which aptly emphasizes the chiseled chin, and drew attention to the face. By her body actress also able to attract attention. Recently, Cyrus has agreed to pose nude for a portrait by the young artist Mitch Griffiths.

Make a haircut like Keira : “Take a photo Keira Knightley in the salon with the proper salon equipment,
and ask for the bean with the grading of the entire length. But at the same time ask how to do your hair in soft waves, “- Michael Barnes advises.

5. Kelly Rowland

Stylist Kelly Rowland made ​​a bid for the asymmetry. The long slanting bang emphasizes high cheekbones and Kelly drew attention to her smile. As for the figures singer, she is in fine form since then, as Kelly gave up sugar.

Make a haircut like Kelly : Asymmetrical bangs should not be narrowed to the line and cone.

6. Diane Kruger

To add volume To Diane Kruge, stylist Richard Marin did the grading on the ends. Due to this, the hair rose and began to look so gorgeous pyshnee. Diana Kruger dress was one of the top 15 outfits in Cannes in 2010.

Make a cut as Diana : cut the ends of the hair but not smooth line, and welcomed them into motion. Necessarily dry dryer and a round hairbrush. So add volume and shine. You can ask your salon to attempt mimic her gorgeous balayage, though they wouldn’t do it as good as these stylists.

7. Olivia Wilde

Olivia Wilde is an outstanding talent, but the lower part of the face – To make a softer oval hair stylist actress sostrigla thin strands. They gently lined face and make the image softer. Beloved Olivia Wilde famous Justin Timberlake praised her new image.

Make a haircut like Olivia : bangs cut to the level of the eyebrows, and hair shear off at an angle down to the level of the chin. Click on this link to learn how to blow dry hair straight.

8. Rachel McAdams

Sebastian stylist Thomas Dunkin (Sebastian’s Thomas Dunkin) making the cut for Rachel McAdams reduced the amount of hair, making the grading of the entire length. Now actresses are hair gently, even when they does the bulk hair in the style of the 70s. Maybe a new haircut last change for the better, long-term and long open relationship with Michael Sheen.

Hair done like Rachel : longest hair must reach the collarbone, the other layers of cut on the bias so that they themselves were placed gently in the waves.

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