Holiday On A Budget

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Follow our ideas for saving some cash on your travels…

Visit the local tourist office in the places you travel to. They often have discount cards for tourist attractions and can advise you on special deals that are available.

  •  If you’re going away, Don’t forget to pay your bills early to avoid missing the due dates. The last thing you need to come home to is a late payment charge. If you live in Canada, you can easily lower your electricity bill by switching to a better provider like Regional that offers low electricity rates Edmonton.
  • Look for restaurants that offer a Menu of the Day. These work out much cheaper than the normal menu. Just don’t overdo the wine bill!

Go Youth Hostelling

Many YHA youth hostels also have family rooms. If you become a member, you avoid paying a temporary membership rate each time you stay. Membership also gives you discount on travel and tourist attractions, plus access to a choice of more than 4000 youth hostels in 60 countries.

Beware Mobile Phone Costs

Do you know how much it will cost you to make and receive mobile phones calls abroad? Don’t forget to check your contract or speak to your provider before you go. Some companies allow you to buy a bundle or offer you a preferred rate or special tariff. A good alternative is an international calling card which can be used from your mobile or a payphone, or an international sim card with pre-paid airtime. It’s always cheaper to text than call.

Find Low-Cost Insurance Online

If you travel more than once a year, it’s worth considering an annual insurance policy as it will work out cheaper in the long-term.

Always Check the Internet

High-street travel agents don’t always give you the best deal, so shop around then check the same holiday on the Internet. It can sometimes save you money if you book the hotels and flights separately online.

Fly On The Cheap

Try the fantastically flexible Checker. Type in your travel dates, set your price limit and see the results.

Getting To The Airport

If you’re travelling by train to the airport, find the cheapest fares.

Hire A Car

Car hire deals can be very complex, so use comparison website, and be very careful. Make sure you know precisely what is and isn’t covered. If you feel you’ve victim of unscrupulous sales tactics, report the company to your local Trading Standards office.

Swap Your Home!

Home exchanges are becoming very popular. Decide where you would like to go and browse by country or region. Once you have registered your property, you can then contact other members using the facility to see if there is anyone looking to stay in the area where you live.

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