Home Remedies for Sunburn

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In summers its very difficult to save your skin from sunburn, we spend alot of money on cosmetics and creams for cure and sometimes it will not work, so here are some natural remedies  which will help us as cure

1. Drink plenty fluids like water and juices when you get sunburn your body is dehydrated and the best way for dehydration is consume fluid as much as you can. Avoid alcohol and soda.

2. Take bath immediately in cool (not cold) water.Keep the burn areas of body cool. Do not scrub or use any kind of soap or bath oils. Cooling will decrease the pain.

3. Try to aviod sunburn stay out of the sun as much as possible and pay more  attention to your clothes it should be loose and light in color. use sunscreen lotion
try to protect your body, cover it, use sunglasses.

4. Aloe Vera is the best thing which will help you. after cooling down your skin apply aloe vera on the burned area and do not use heavy cream, greasy products or petroleum jelly it will delay the process of healing.

5. You can also apply lavender oil and yogurt for quick results.

6. You can also use Cucumber , Tomatoes, Potatoes, Honey , Egg whites this will effectively help casino online you in healing it quickly.


  • Slices added directly to burn or mash first then apply to burn.
  • Grate cucumbers and mix with milk. Apply directly to casino online sunburn.


  • Grate potatoes and apply directly to burn–include as much of the potato juice as possible.

Egg Whites:

  • Apply raw egg whites to skin.
  • Mix 2 egg whites, 1 TBS honey, 1 TBS witch hazel and apply to burn.

Witch Hazel:

  • Spray directly on burn area.


  • Smooth honey over the burn or slather honey on a strip of gauze and apply to skin.
  • Mix honey with lime or lemon juice (80/20) and apply to burn.
  • Mix honey 50/50 with milk, stir well, then apply to skin.


  • 1/4 cup tomato juice or tomato paste mixed with 1 1/2 cups buttermilk. Apply to burn area.
  • Slice or mash tomatoes and apply to burn.
  • Mash tomatoes and mix with an equal amount of buttermilk. Apply to burned skin.
  • Add 2 cups tomato juice to bath of cool water, soak.

7.   Vinegar can also help us in sunburn.

Vinegar: Can use white household vinegar or apple cider vinegar

  • Spray vinegar all over burn or soak small towels in vinegar and apply to skin
  • Bathe in a cool bath with 2 – 3 cups of vinegar
  • Rose Petal Vinegar (skip the cloves in the recipe when using for sunburn care) – Spray on skin
  • Lavender Vinegar – Spray on skin

8. Eat lot of fruits like Watermelon, oranges, sweetlimes and take juices it will keep your body warm and cool.

I hope you will find it really simple to follow and less expensive, without any side effects and quickly healing steps so try to use it.

if you have serious problem of sunburn like skin reaction you can consult to your doctor if its really needed. you can also take some vitamins for cure according to doctor`s consultation.
If you have any suggestion please let us know about it.


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