How Hollywood Stars Get Slim Fast

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Score your best bod yet! Get summer slimspiration from Beyonce, Jessica, Rihanna and other svelte celebrities……

1. Beyonce

Does cardio five days a week

After welcoming daughter Blue (with Jay-Z, 42) in January, Beyonce, 30, hit the gym five days a week with trainer Marco Borges. “We do cardio and plyometric moves like lunges and jumps on and jumps on and off a bench,” says the pro.

  • Clean eats : The 5-foot-9 star, who is breast-feeding, avoids processed fare, sticking to whole foods like vegetables and grilled meats. Now rehearsing for her first post-pregnancy show on May 25 in Atlantic City, Beyonce “is loving her body!” says a pal.
  • Takeaway tip : A sane diet is more maintainable. “You don’t have to eat only celery sticks,” says Borges. “Be sensible and exercise consistently.”

2. Jessica Alba

Sticks to 1,200 calories a day

The 5-foot-7 stunner logs 90-minute sessions several times a week at West Hollywood’s Fitness factory L.A. “She does the elliptical and then weights,” says a source. But to firm her abs, the actress, 31, recently took core-focused spinning classes at SoulCycle.

  • Fit philosophy : When it comes to food, the mom of Honor, 3, and haven, 9 months, with husband Cash Warren, 33, tells Us “I just make healthy choices.” Relying on a 1,200-calorie-a-day meal-delivery plan, Alba opts for nutritious snacks. “I eat a lot of fruit!” she says.
  • Takeaway tip : Try intense cardio. One 45-minute SoulCycle class burns a staggering 500 to 700 calories!

3. Scarlett Johansson

Boxes for a knockout bod

While filming Under the Skin in Scotland this winter, the 5-foot-3 star sweated with trainer Ramona Braganza five days per week. “We’d do free weights and core work with bursts of cardio,” says Braganza. “We added boxing drills to tone arms, shoulders, glutes and legs.”

  • Healthy chef : Postworkout, Johansson, 27, ate protein-packed meals, like her homemade turkey chili. Says Braganza, “She can really cock!”
  • Takeaway tip : Try plyometrics. These dynamic exercises, like jumps from a squat position, “are an awesome way to torch calories,” says Braganza.

4. Rihanna

Swims off the pounds

The Barbados-born babe recently dropped two dress sizes – in part, by hitting the beach! “I love swimming in the ocean,” says the size-O “We Found Love” singer, who also logs serious dance hours rehearsing for performances. “It’s good for your body.”

  • Carb-free : So is keeping a strict diet. “Obviously, you’d like to eat what you want,” the Vita Coco spokeswoman, 24, tells Us. “But I stick to lots of vegetables and white meats, and i stay away from carbs!”
  • Takeaway tip : Swimming burns more than 500 calories an hour. And, says the 5-foot-8 Battle-ship star, “you don’t feel like you’re working out!”

Fit Tip : Want Rihanna abs? Steal this sequence from her trainer Ary Nunez. Contract and release the abs muscles for three minutes. After three sets, do 32 alternating lunges, 32 squats and 32 knee lifts. Then hold the plank position for three minutes three times.

5. Leighton Meester

Slims down with juice cleanses

When the Gossip girl beauty wants to feel her best, she reaches for a straw. “I like juice fasts,” the 5-foot-5 star tells Us. “Afterward, I’m full of energy.”

  • Body language : Postcleanse, Meester, 26, doesn’t overdo it. “I listen to my body,” the Pilates fan explains. “I eat when I’m hungry, but not to excess.” And though the star tells Us she craves healthy meals (“I cook veggies and curried chicken”), she’s not afraid to splurge. “Sometimes you need a burger.”
  • Takeaway Tip : Make like Meester nd drinks lots of water. “If you sip before meals, it will fill you up and help you feel less hungry,” says nutritionist Christine Avanti.

6. Lea Michele

Eats dairy-free, vegetarian fare

“I don’t work out that much,” the 5-foot-3 Glee star admits to Us. “I just eat really well.” A pal says Michele, 25, sticks to small portions of vegetables and whole-wheat pasta. “She has a mainly vegetarian diet and avoids dairy,” says the pal.

  • Yogi gal : And when the actress can work out? “I do yoga,” she says. Plus, plenty of rehearsing: “We dance so much!”

Takeaway tip :  “Vegetarians are more likely to have lower body weight because they eat more vegetables, fruits and beans,” says dietitian Joy Bauer.

7. Kate Hudson

Incorporates exercise into her life

The 5-foot-6 star (who had son Bingham with fiance Mathew Bellamy, 33, last July) “loves being active,” says a pal. “She bikes everywhere!” Hudson, also mom to Ryder, 8, dances in a home studio and goes for 5-mile outdoors runs.

  • Fit foods :  Hudson, 33, fuels wisely too. She opts for organic eateries like L.A.’s Axe, says the pal, and “gets vegetables and lean protein, such as chicken.”
  • Takeaway tip : To slim down quickly, the star cuts out alcohol. “People think dieting is all about food,” says dietitian Cheryl forberg, but a glass of wine per day adds up to 3,000 calories a month!

8. Rachel Bilson

Dances and plays tennis

Hours on the treadmill? Pass. The Hart of Dixie actress doesn’t do ho-hum workouts. “If I had to choose one exercise, it would be hip-hop dance,” the 5-foot-2 star tells Us. Another Fave: playing tennis with friends in L.A.’s Griffith Park using her new tennis racquet bag.

  • Urge to splurge : All that moving gives her diet wiggle room. Though the star, 30, says she’s “very health-conscious” (almonds are her go-to snack), she admits to chowing down on Mexican and Italian cuisine. “I love eating,” Bilson (dating actor Hayden Christensen, 31) tells Us.
  • Takeaway tip : Working out with pals, like Bilson does, “helps you stay consistent,” says Borges.

9. Jennifer Lopez

Focuses on building muscle in her legs and arms

“Working out – I have to do it!” the American Idol Judge, 42, tells Us. So when the mom of 4-year-old twins Max and Emme is short on time, she truncates her 90-minute workouts with Tracy Anderson. “We skip dance cardio, since she’s always rehearsing, and do legs and arms,” says the pro.

  • No vacation : The 5-foot-6 singer will being a trainer and Anderson’s Mini-Trampoline Workout DVD on her 60-plus-city world tour this summer. Says the pro, “She’s dedicated!”
  • Takeaway tip : Pump tunes to get through tough sessions. “Jennifer motivates with Katy Perry!” says Anderson.

Slim Tip : Power breakfast! Lopez’s nutritionist Haylie Pomroy recommends eating 10 to 20 grams of protein within 30 minutes of waking up (try Greek yoghurt or cottage cheese). Says Pomroy, “It strokes your metabolism and helps you burn calories throughout the day.”

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