How To Determine Ovulation And Get Pregnant Quickly

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The question is how to get pregnant, how to accelerate the onset of pregnancy, in our time is very relevant.Many prospective parents are planning to birth to a particular month, they want that to their baby was born at certain times of the year. Is this possible?

Ovulation Calendar

Ovulation Calendar

Pregnancy is due to fertilization by sperm. But the egg in the female body is only available once a month. This is called ovulation. What would soon become pregnant, you need to know when ovulation occurs. The exact day of ovulation can be found using special tests. But there is a theoretical calculation, find more information here.

How to calculate ovulation

Calculate ovulation can be as follows: duration of the menstrual cycle / 2 (plus or minus three days) That is, if the menstrual cycle lasts 28 days, 28 / 2 = 14. When ovulation occurs on day 14, plus or minus 3 days. It was during these six days of the month women are able to conceive. But! Even in women with regular menstrual cycle ovulation may occur on different days, so will be the most accurate determination of ovulation using ovulation tests, which are freely available at any drugstore.If you can not determine the day of ovulation, the ability to get pregnant, conceive theoretically be any day of the menstrual cycle. Therefore, attempts at conception should occur every other day throughout the menstrual cycle.



Measurement of basal body temperature

Another way to determine ovulation and determining favorable days in order to determine ovulation to get pregnant – the measurement of basal body temperature. Early in the morning, even before you get up to body temperature rectally. The procedure unpleasant, but necessary. Based on the results of measurements can construct a graph of basal body temperature. As soon as the curve on the graph began to climb up, then came the ovulation and auspicious days for conception.

Determination of ovulation by ultrasound

There is another way of controlling and calculating the favorable days for what would be an opportunity to become pregnant – is ultrasound, view more at this website for more info. Ultrasound is well seen on follicular growth, the emergence of a dominant follicle and ovulation. This method is most accurate in determining ovulation, and quite expensive. Indeed, the study will have to spend some time in a short period of time.But! This method of diagnosis of ovulation is used only for those couples who have difficulty conceiving and pregnancy does not occur for a long time.It is important to remember, even if sexual intercourse occurs during ovulation, pregnancy can not occur, but this is not cause for alarm. Seek medical help if you should continue unsuccessful attempts within one year of regular sexual life. In this case, is the issue of infertility.

First Thing First, Ovulation

29 Responses to “How To Determine Ovulation And Get Pregnant Quickly”

  1. confusedmom says:

    i dont know if im pregnant,,im more than 3 weeks delayed..i’ve tried to use home pregnancy test when my period is 8 days missed.negative is the result,,i cannot try again,,is there a possible that im pregnant,,tnxx

    • ADVISOR says:

      Hey i know you try to stay optimistic but the truth is darling your definitely NOT pregnant!! and if you are by now and I’m wrong then hopefully I’m pregnant too since I’m going thru the same thing and like you all I get is negative results as well… Hopefully we both are…

      • jo says:

        hi i have a 20 month old daughter done 7 tests with her all negative till i was 8 weeks gone so think positive ladys if trying tests can be wrong !!
        im hoping to conceieve again in the near future fingers crossed x

  2. Mirix says:

    i have been trying to get pregnant. I want to know when to expect my ovulation. My last monthly period date was January13 – 16 and when do i expect my next period. Thanks

  3. VJ says:

    Hey i am facing breast tenderness and swelling from 6 days and constipation problem from 5 days . I had the problem of abdomen pain usually and certain increase in body temperature from today like fever.I just want to sleep always feeling tired while working. My period cycle is of 35 days last time it was on 31st Jan it has not completed yet so i had not tested pregnancy. Please suggest me is it pregnancy or not? What should i do now?

  4. katherine says:

    Hi,am katherine,i got my periods on 15th Feb 2012 last,wen is the right time to conceive?Am soo desparite for a baby especially twins.please help.

  5. linda says:

    Hi I saw my period last month feb which started 21 and ended 25th when are the likely days for my ovulation and when should I expect my next period.thanx I need a reply

  6. Senorita says:

    Normally ovulation occurs 14 days after your period has started. From day 12-16 is fine for baby making. Sperm can stay alive approx 48 hours.
    If your cycles are not regular try an ovulation kit.
    Good luck!

  7. TA says:

    i got my last period on 3rd March and i get my periods evrytime 1 week before my last period that means i should get my periods on 28th March but its 31st March and i m still not in periods and getting cramps in lower abdomen. i m trying for pregnancy and took medication for it.Should i check for my pregnancy on 1st April? Am i pregnant? Please advise.

  8. lisha says:

    i got my last period on 3rd March and i get my periods everytime 1 week before my last period that means i should get my periods its 31st March and i m still not had my period yet .

  9. CCB says:

    hey , ok so like i had sex 3 days before my period , and i have not had one yet , and he busted in me alot , could i be pregnant .. plus i been feeling uncomfortable and been feeling hungry alot .. plus i be having major headached , but my cramps start when im going to sleep , could i be pregnant or should i just wait and see what happens ?

  10. Teace says:

    Hi My name is Teace I’m not trying to get pregnant but I just recently had a weekend of unprotected sex, I wanna know if there is a possibility that I am pregnant. My last period was on March 22nd and it is every 30 days, I had sex for 3 days 7,8, and 9th. We were cautious in using the pull out method but I just want some answers before I waste a pregnancy test… and or get a new job that will fire me when they figure out I am pregnant!

    Thanks, Teace!

  11. mamabear says:

    me and my husband have been trying to have another baby for over a year now. my last period was on march 20th 2012 and i was supposed to get it on the 15 of april and i have benn feeling tenderness in my breasts and one time light spotting and tiredness and moodiness and major cravings. could i be pregnant? ANY ADVICE WOULD BE MUCH APPRECIATED.

  12. conswalia says:

    hi i am conswalia had my last period on the 30 of march and i had sex on the 6 of April i’m just curious if i could be pregnant as we didn’t use any protection and i feel moody n saw spottings in my underwear i await your repond ASAP

  13. conswalia says:

    im anxiously awaiting ur respond

  14. Tiara says:

    Mamabear, why not try a hpt to make sure 🙂

  15. ruthosquare says:

    I last saw my menstrual period april 8. After then I had serious cramping which lasted for some days. Headache, dizziness, tiredness and feeling feverish as well so I went for pregnancy test before my next period and it was negative. Am expected to see it on the 6th of may but am three days late now. I feel some discharge coming but when I check it hoping it is my period I will see a very light and odourless discharge. I really pray it comes out positive later. Pls if you have any advice for me I will really appreciate it. Tanx

  16. papu says:

    hi i had period on 5th of march.after that i didn’t get period and i had sex in 12th of april shall i expect for pregnant.rply as much as posible

  17. babita says:

    i hd my periods on 29th march and hd a sexual intercourse on 12th i gt pregnant?

  18. desperate woman says:

    hii’ve been trying to get pregnant n i had sex for 3 dayz i.e 17,18,19May n on 20 i started my periods which lasts for 2 dayz instead of 4,is it possible that i’m pregnant plz i’m waiting for response n i’m desperate

  19. Tay says:

    Hey! I bought an ovulation kit at the beginning of the month and on the 10-16 it came back positive… I had unprotected sex on the 12 and he didnt pull out. I am due for my period on tomorrow, but i want to know is there a possibility i am pregnant? PLZ help!!!! thnks 🙂

  20. sexy kk says:

    Hi I don’t know what to think I had my period on the 17th of may it was suppose to come on the 13th of june but it was a week late then it came but it wasn’t like it used to it was only a small amount for two days which was dark brown and had small pieces of cloths after which I started feeling sick my breast hurts and feel as if I was breast feeding I took a test and it w*s negative could I be pregnant please reply

  21. Jojo says:

    Hi there, my last period was on 17 May 2012. My cycle normally 30+ days. To-date 4 July 2912, I have not got my period. I tested pregnancy test and it was Negative!!!!!! Is it possible I will get pregnant? It is never delay for soooo long… I hope a miracle as I to have a baby!!! Pls advise me. Thanks

  22. kripa says:

    i last period was july27.i had sex 2 days,aug 3&4.i have intermitte urination,breast tenderness.i want answer regarding i pregnant or not

  23. kripa says:

    my last period was july27th 2012.i had sex2days(3&4august).i want know abov is possibility of pregnant

  24. jmama says:

    I have a missed period of 6 days. I usually come on the first of every month. Omg someone please help

  25. Tanisha says:

    My period cycle is between 23-31 days this time its 28th days running still no signe of period and sometime i feel so tired after got up from bed i feel headeque sometime i feel vomiting after having any food and after having any food sometime so much breathing problem..feeling so much hungry..could I be pregnant

  26. millie says:

    hey i av been tryin to get pregnant for the last four months
    is it that am not fertile am married n worried abt my life… help

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