How To Get Money Out Of A Dream

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This method—the magic of dreams. With the help of sleep you can get not only money but also other subjects.

Psychologists consider the dream as a “product of human mental activity.” In fact, dreams – this is a different reality (this is already mentioned in various sources). So a person can take from the real world into the dream all you want. Similarly, he can get out again what he wanted.

Fry wrote that his protagonist is often something of angling for the gap formed between the times. In this case, its the same.

If you see a dream in which gain large profits (especially useful if you dream of your own bills), then awake, you can force his mind to “translate” the money in this world is their world of dreams, a sort of “pull” them from sleeping.

This translation is the same as transferring money from your bank account, which is in some remote town on the bank account, which is located nearby. To attract wealth in this manner, you need to take the image of that money and their sense (ie, their astral image) and transfer it to the real world. They materialize quickly, and it will appear as bonus pay, an unexpected benefit.

You can also transfer money from the space, which is called the “world-between-worlds.” It includes people who have certain abilities in order to see.

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