How To Increase The Chance Of Pregnancy?

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Once a child masters the idea of ​​furnishing the minds, once there is a feverish desire to do so as soon as possible. Today! Oh yes, today is the first day … Well, tomorrow! .. Or at least, in this cycle.Lack of immediate results may be an occasion for family scandal, or to begin an intensive examination – even against the advice of doctors. In fact, it is clear that no month of pregnancy – a failure of only one attempt, not thirty. A formal diagnosis of infertility and did put up only after a year of failure.And yet, aspirations and concerns are understandable to doctors and friends. So everyone wants to contribute, even a fertility nutritionist,
to the treasury of tips on how to get pregnant faster:

Count 2 weeks from the first day of next menstruation – is the most auspicious day

In fact: many are, indeed, the day of ovulation, especially – in the 28-day cycle. But this is not all.The effectiveness of the Board of not more than 50%.

Before the “decisive” day for 3-4 days Get husband to abstain from sex – so accumulate more semen.

In fact: it is true. Just do not torment a man a week or two. From this sperm is old and her ability to conceive decreases.The effectiveness of the Board 70%.

After ejaculation the man must stop immediately thrusting, so as not to throw out the sperm from the vagina.

In fact: this is the case, continued frictions smearing semen on the vaginal walls, so the puddle at the base of the cervix drastically shallower. However, this is not always the case in such proportions as to affect the likelihood of conception. I recommend you get the best prenatal vitamins.

After ejaculation the woman should lie on her stomach, or do “birch”, or lay a cushion under the buttocks to prevent leakage of sperm from the vagina.

In fact: even if a leak occurs, they may be, does not affect the probability of conception: it follows only further sperm that does not fit in the folds of the vaginal mucosa.The effectiveness of the Council of 20%.

After ejaculation the man must stop thrusting, while remaining within the partner: his penis serves as a stopper, not allowing the sperm to flow out.

In fact: this version of the previous council, and has approximately the same efficiency – 20%. Although, of course, better than the previous council.

Before intercourse, the woman should douche with a solution of soda (half a teaspoon per liter of warm water).

ACTUALLY, yes, soda changes the acidity of the contents of the vagina and often contributes to prolongation of sperm motility. But many women and so has a normal pH, so that the soda is simply not needed.The effectiveness of the Council of 60%.

Properly prepare for conception: no smoking 2 months, not to accept alcohol mother – 3 months (the same husband), not sweating 2 weeks.

In fact: yes, it’s important, but among the causes of infertility is far down the list. So it is only as weak aids.The effectiveness of the Council of 15%.

Drink vitamins for 2-3 months, focuses on folic acid.

In fact: women without a history of problems to prepare for pregnancy is recommended intake of folic acid in the poly-vitamins – and no more. In this case, the dosage of folic acid may be 0.4-0.8 mg. To prepare for pregnancy, folic acid before pregnancy should be taken along with her husband. Usually the course is 2 months.The effectiveness of the Council of 20%.

To feed my husband nuts and caviar 2-3 months to “mature sperm.”

ACTUALLY: tasty, but not very effective. If there is a real violation of spermatogenesis, no nuts or some other power will not help.The effectiveness of the Council of 5%.

Do not have an orgasm during intercourse, aimed at conception. This is its meaning: during orgasm in women with uterus cervix protrude into the interior like the vagina, which lengthens the path of the sperm to the cervical canal. Upon excitation without orgasm cervix is ​​almost flush with the vaginal vault, where the pool of semen collected.

In fact: the effect on fertility orgasm almost oschu-schaetsya, but losing the last of pleasure in bed, take this advice, it’s easy.The effectiveness of the Council of 10%.

Days of conception may determine the schedule of basal body temperature.

In fact: Of course, individual determination to be more precise, than the average (see tip N 1). But more often it happens that this day and so is among those in which sexual activity is a pair of maximum.The effectiveness of the Board 40%.

Identify the days of possible conception for monitoring ultrasound. The study was conducted several times during one cycle to pinpoint the day of ovulation (such as a 12 day cycle, then – the size of the follicle to confirm the break no later than the second day.

In fact: even more accurate method of determining the date of the maximum possible conception. And more objective than the measurement of basal body temperature, the study of the mucus symptom pupil, and even tests for ovulation. But in many cases, infertility is associated not with a lack of ovulation. It is itself, as well as infertility and lasts …The effectiveness of the Council of 60%.

The effectiveness of boards – the concept is very relative. This is only a measure of how the council generally meets its objective. Especially, do not put this performance – and then you can type and more than 100 percent.

Try all you seem logical or magical – you know that fate is very whimsical. But the best thing you can do to accelerate Conception – is examined, along with her husband and find out what prevents the long-awaited pregnancy.

Good luck and happiness!

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  1. ieshia singh says:

    Well my name is Ieshia I’m 14 I Had sex for the first time I made my boyfriend west protection , but ever since I’ve done it I’ve felt sick in my stomach , but I’m do for my period soon but I’m a bit confused because when I do start to get my period I usually feel sick and very hungry

  2. sharla atber says:

    the comment about not having an orgasm is BS – what actually happens when a woman orgasms during ovulation is this – the muscle movement during the orgasm actually help propel the sperm toward the fallopian tube and not just any fallopian tube but the one that is acepting the released egg – therefore increasing your chance of sperm meeting egg. When you DON’T want to orgasm is during the time when the egg is trying to attach to the uterus.

    also abstaining from sex before ovulation may produce more sperm but they are less mobile sperm, therefore better to have sex every other day during the month and then every day for the 5 days leading up to ovulation

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