How To Make A Slim Waist?

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Sleek, slim and slender waist has always been a symbol of feminine beauty. However, in the old desire for a slim waist and gave the ladies young girls a lot of trouble and suffering, including could lead to serious health problems.

What is a slender waist?

Waist is fair and proportionate to a woman? Young women with a normal physique to deduct from her height 100 cm and the resulting number will correspond to a normal size waist.

For example, if your height – 170 cm, it is normal for you to waist 70 cm, although it may be a little thinner or wider – it depends on the type of addition. Women have wider bones, thallium, respectively, will be larger, and rightly so. Therefore, you should seek by all means get a wasp waist, and torment themselves diets, if your type of addition requires very different parameters.

Another test for the correct proportions: if the hips and chest, about the same, then the waist measurement should be approximately 70% of the hips. It is these proportions always look beautiful and harmonious, even if a woman does not fall into the category of standards of beauty.

How to make a slim waist?

But who invented them, these standards? After all, nowhere in the laws of nature does not say that harmonious proportions should be considered only sizes 90 – 60 – 90. At the waist is also affected by the amount of certain hormones in a woman’s body: the greater the female hormone estrogen, the more delicate and slender waist will be.

The size of the waist circumference is also dependent on the amount of body fat, the amount of back muscles and abdomen. To make the waist thinner, you should first remove the excess fat in the abdominal wall, and then strengthen the muscles of the back and abdomen. A wonderful opportunity: or aerobics fitness sessions – so you can burn extra calories.

Inflation in the press during this period is unlikely to help because with increasing loads of the abdominal muscles are growing rapidly and, accordingly, increased waist circumference. It is better to download the press when you get rid of excess fat on your stomach.

Ideally, the abdominal muscles must work together with the muscles of the back – so you can quickly get results. But do not hurry up: it is better to do the exercises calm and concentrated, and most importantly – on a regular basis. Try to do every single day for a month, and then when the train come into the habit, you can do in a day. Classes begin with warm-up is recommended: so you can increase the mobility of joints, warm up muscles and tune into productive workout.

Warm-up can be anything: walking in place, cheered by dance music, dance moves, or jogging.

At the end of the workout, do some torso in all directions, so that you feel like stretching the muscles opposite to the slope of the sides. Take a few laps with your hands, with the full range of motion – first backward and then forward. Lower the head, then slowly lift up and look up, so to feel the tension in the muscles of the neck and chin. Repeat 10 times since.

Then you can begin to fulfill a set of exercises.

Exercises to slim waist

  • Lie on your back on the mat, bend your legs and feet on the floor. Tilt the bent knees in one, and then in the other direction. Back from the floor while careful not to tear.Lying on the carpet, hands up over your head, rotate the torso, rolling on the floor. Revert to 1m to one side then the other.
  • Lying on your back, arms in hand, bend and lift your legs slightly. Now turn the feet in one or the other way, trying to touch the floor with your knee.
  • In the same situation, but the legs are straight and lifted up. Lower the legs, keeping them straight, one way, they tap the floor, lay on the floor. Then do the same in the other direction.
  • Lie on your back and bend your knees. Put your hands along the body, palms down, pull your stomach. Raise hips a few inches, so that your tailbone off the floor, straining with the abdominals. Survive as 15-20 seconds, then drop to the floor. When the thigh lift, do it slowly, not abruptly. The main burden of this should occur in the abdominal muscles.
  • Lying on your back, bend your right leg at the knee so that your feet are flat on the floor. Cast your left foot to the right, so that your ankle rested on your right knee, elbow and left leg were sent out. Hands holding your head, not bound up the fingers, elbows, hold open, pull your stomach. Raise your head and shoulders, rotate your right shoulder to left knee, trying to touch your elbow. Hold out as about 10 seconds and return to starting position.
  • Exercises for the waist quite a lot, but the main factor of success – is the regularity of their performance. Even the most effective exercises will not help you if you try them on occasion. Exercises with gymnastic hoop, too, can help make your waist thinner and stronger. The fatty layer at the same time will diminish, and the abdominal muscles, torso and legs will become stronger.
  • Accustomed to rotate the hoop at the waist, you will learn how to clean the stomach, as the muscle tone in this case will be reconstructed, and the belly will be retracted all the time. Exercise with the hoop can be done at any age. The exceptions are those women who have very weak pelvic floor muscles.
Exercises can be done at any time, but not before half an hour before a meal. After the meal, of course, do not be a few hours – at least 2 hours, but better than 4.
A slender waist and sports figure – it’s not just a desire to conform to the standards of beauty. First of all, is an indicator of good health, quality of life and always – a good mood.Of course, such an active and slender woman will always be attractive to others, and especially for men.

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