How To Make Your Child Less Sick

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All children are different: some ill SARS not more than once a year, and someone almost gets out of the common cold. Many mothers want to know what determines the resistance to colds and how to make the child more resistant to viruses. We offers to sort out these concerns on mother’s affairs.

Children's Cold And flu

Children's Cold And flu

How does the system protect against viruses? Resistance to viral infections depends on the immune status of the child. The system of the body provides protection from any foreign agents – viruses, bacteria or toxins.

The immune system is represented by the tissues that are in receipt of a special signal, relatively speaking, “Attention, alien substance!”, Begin to produce defense cells and proteins – they are spread throughout the body through the bloodstream and help to destroy viruses.To maintain health requires coordinated work of the protection system to the desired cells produce quickly and in sufficient quantity. Disruptions in the immune system leads to a decrease in resistance to infection and disease.

Too violent reaction to foreign substance (antigen) leads to the development of allergies, which eventually depletes the defenses. Therefore, children with allergies is particularly strong need in the prevention of viral infections – their immune systems disbalanced copes poorly with protection.

In the cold season, when many children are ill, it is important to have on hand in the home medicine cabinet the most essential drugs: antiviral, antipyretic, children’s multivitamins, chamomile tincture for gargling. This will save time, nerves and strength, if the baby suddenly starts cold.

Beware, virus attack!

What happens in the body in contact with viruses? Immune system cells circulating throughout the body recognize foreign substance (antigen) and immediately give a signal to produce other cells and protective proteins.This mechanism can be very simplistic compared to the work of people in the office, one person responds to calls to visitors, the other guards the office, and the third is responsible for the necessary materials.

The development of protective cells and proteins in response to the invasion of viruses called the immune response – so immune response to a signal of danger. The strength of the immune response depends on the outcome of the battle “immunity against viruses.”If immunity is weakened, the virus enters the cells of the nasopharynx, causing colds.

In the weak and sickly children immune response may be insufficient in strength – their security system has exhausted its resources, it needs restoration. Thus a vicious circle: the frequent incidence weakens the immune system, causing frequent morbidity.Break this cycle can only be by strengthening immunity.

Child's Immune System

Child's Immune System

Strengthen the immunity of the child

There are lots of recommendations for strengthening the immune system, but the peak incidence is probably the most appropriate measure will be a reception for children immunomodulators – drugs that enhance the immune system.Time for other ways to have missed: tempering is better to start in the warmer months when the child is perfectly healthy, but do be vaccinated before the start of a cold season.

General measures on nutrition and adherence of the day, good for you, but the rapid effect of which should be expected.Therefore, children’s immune modulators – the best helpers in this situation. For example, Anaferon child has a dual action: it blocks the reproduction of viruses in the body and activates the immune system.

In this case the drug acts as a “guard”, which gives immunity signal to produce more protective cells and proteins.It is recommended to apply at the first sign of a cold, when the child is just starting to get sick: the temperature rises, there are a sore throat and stuffy nose.

At this point Anaferon child can help stop colds by accelerating the production of protective substances that destroy viruses.It is proved that the drug during a cold reduces the risk of complications and accelerates the recovery.

But it is better to start receiving Anaferon child before the flu season and to prevent colds – to protect the child from the cold. The drug can be given to babies from one month of age.For the smallest tablet is recommended to dissolve in a teaspoon of water at room temperature. Anaferon child and can be recommended for children with allergies – medication helps to restore that part of the immune system is weakened because of allergies.

Take care of your baby’s health: children immunomodulators can help you say “no” to endless colds!


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