How To Strengthen The Immunity Of The Child

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The specialists noted that the ears are a kind of reflex zone, which has contact with many internal organs. When the mother affects the baby’s ears, it thereby activating the whole body. With massage, we send signals to the body about where to focus efforts.

It is worth noting that an experienced doctor in the form of ears and a lot to learn about human health. Experts note that there are several features which can be learned about human health. If the ear lobes are short, stunted, twisted and firmly rooted to the cheeks, it’s not just a cosmetic defect. It is established that if a person has such features, it has poor physical development, strongly has weakened immunity. Therefore, parents should pay attention to ear shells and your baby – go ahead, to tempering.

But before you start tempering procedures, do yourself first, and then with the baby, these basic massage techniques.

Technique 1: It can be compared with the flapping ears. Need a quick movement to bend the ears forward, first finger, and then all the fingers. Then press ears to the head, then suddenly let go. This exercise should be repeated several times to feel the cotton in his ears. Scientists believe that improving the flexibility of the ears helps to strengthen the overall body.

Technique 2: Stretching ear lobes. Necessary to take the tips of the thumb and forefinger, both ear lobes. With the strength to pull them down, then release. It is recommended to repeat  5 – 6 times. This procedure is especially useful for hardening the throat and mouth. The reason is that the ear lobe are reflex zones of tonsils and oral cavity.

Technique 3:  Circular motion. Dlya Etogo exercises need to enter your thumb into the ear hole, and the index finger to press the protrusion located in front the ear, called the tragus. After the pinch, need to start turning it on all sides. Time to engage in play for 20-30 seconds. If you regularly perform this simple exercise, we thus stimulate the adrenal function, strengthen the nose, throat and larynx. The result – fewer colds and you’ll forget about allergies.

Doctors recommend performing these exercises regularly, as often as possible.

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