If You Don’t Exercise

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Exercising during pregnancy can certainly do the average pregnant body good. But sitting it out (whether by choice or on practitioner’s orders) and getting most of your exercise from opening and closing your car door won’t hurt, either. In fact, if you’re abstaining from exercise on practitioner’s orders, you’re helping your baby and yourself. Your practitioner will almost certainly restrict exercise if you have a history of miscarriages or of premature labor, or if you have an incompetent cervix, bleeding or persistent spotting in the second or third trimester, heart disease, or a diagnosis of placenta previa or preeclampsia.

Your activity may also be limited if you’re expecting multiples; have high blood pressure, thyroid disease, anemia or other blood disorders, or a fetus that isn’t thriving; are seriously over- or underweight; or have had an extremely sedentary lifestyle up until now. A history of precipitous labor or of a fetus that didn’t thrive in a previous pregnancy might also be a reason for a red light (or at least a yellow one) on exercise. In some cases, arm-only exercises or water workouts designed for pregnancy may be okayed when other exercises are taboo. Check with your practitioner for your pregnancy exercise protocol.

Exercise During Pregnancy, From Conception To Delivery

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