Infertility : Who Is To Be Blame And What To Do?

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Today, infertility is usually called the absence of pregnancy within 12 months of regular sexual intercourse without contraception. According to World Health Organization, about 17% of couples worldwide are infertile. Scientifically proven that women “guilty” in this family misfortune only 5% more often than men, and 15% of infertility is the result of violations of both spouses.

The most common cause of both male and female infertility are inflammatory diseases caused by infectious agents (Chlamydia, gonorrhea, urea-plasma, etc.)

Often, one of the couple revealed several reasons Because the factors that make it difficult to become pregnant tend to lie in the state of reproductive health of men and women, then examined and undergoing fertility treatment should be together .

Women’s Issues

The main purpose of the survey of women – to follow all the stages of the formation, maturation, and release an egg ready for fertilization. But before we talk about the maturation of the egg, you need to make sure there is a woman’s menstrual cycle itself.

In 30% of cases – the cause of infertility is becoming an endocrine pathology and obstruction of the fallopian tubes in women. To infertility in 30% of infertile marriages result in a violation of the fertilizing capacity of sperm or sexual pathology. And, finally, about 3% of couples suffer from immunological incompatibility, ie, the woman produces antibodies which would deprive the sperm activity partner.

Hinder conception and the time may be ripe ability to fertilize an egg. The fact that the matured egg can “expect a meeting” with sperm from 12 hours to several days. Therefore, an important factor is to synchronize the time of “meeting” of sperm with the egg.

Because of what breaks down hormones

The majority of contemporary women’s hormonal dysfunction – that is, the duty diagnosis. Without exaggeration we can say that the same hypothyroidism (insufficient thyroid function) is a real “epidemic” of the last decade … Where do they come from?

The two most important factors: uncontrolled and unjustified hormonal drugs (self-medication, prolonged or improper protection , etc.). And supplements that are especially made ​​to apply abroad for a weight gain of birds and animals, ultimately get into our bodies.

A single dose is not noticeable and seemingly harmless to humans, even if it is, let’s eat the whole broiler chicken entirely. But if you eat such foods, month after month, year after year (and in the fridge, we mainly import), the negative effect is cumulative, it adds up. And after a while may cause endocrine disruption, which can cause infertility or miscarriage.

What really prevents men?

In a study of men attending the same problem, paying special attention to the analysis of semen (sperm). At the same time assess the volume, as well as some physical and chemical properties of semen, sperm count in it, their mobility, structure, and more.

All diseases that lead to male infertility can be divided into five major groups.

1. Prostatitis, urethritis and other inflammatory diseases of the genital organs of men.

2. Seminiferous tubules and obstruction of the ducts. Outwardly, it may not appear, men, sexual activity is not affected. Only a special analysis of the ejaculate will detect the absence or reduced content of sperm in it.

3. Veins of the spermatic cord, leads to the fact that suffering circulation and stagnant blood within the testicles.

4. Disturbances of hormonal regulation.

5. Sexual dysfunction.

6. Semen quality deteriorates under the influence of alcohol, nicotine, drugs, occupational exposures, acute and chronic diseases of various organs and body systems.

7. Chances for conception, and psychological stress, physical and emotional overload. Indeed, for regular male sex, among other things, the need and power, and desire precisely the normalization of sexual function, increased potency and libido (without the use of well-known promoters), some doctors believe a priority in the treatment of male infertility.

Modern methods of treatment

When endocrine infertility women spend correcting hormonal disturbances. The effectiveness of treatment of endocrine infertility 70-80%. The pathology of the uterus – the evils of its development – is shown holding reconstructive plastic surgery. Pregnancy rates after surgery of 15-20%.

If the problem is tubal infertility, it is necessary to restore patency of the fallopian tubes. Currently, it is possible by laparoscopy , its efficacy is 30-40%. Treatment of male infertility is the stimulation of spermatogenesis in the semen or damaged in the restoration of patency. A positive result of this treatment is achieved in 70-80% of couples. And the earlier we start testing and treatment, the greater the chance of pregnancy and less moral and material costs.

If within 2 years after the examination and treatment of pregnancy does not occur, there are two possibilities.

In the first – shows the introduction of semen into a woman’s vagina without intercourse, the second – in vitro fertilization (IVF) – An introduction to the woman’s uterus the egg, fertilized by sperm outside the body.

And if health is OK?

Infertility – the inability of the mature organism to conceive – can occur at any stage of life, sometimes after one or even ten pregnancies in the past. Sometimes, even in otherwise healthy and compatible couples may have trouble conceiving a baby who will not be able to explain even the wisest and most experienced researchers doctors. The frequency of such forms of infertility – “unexplained” or “idiopathic” – reaches 4-10% of all cases. In this case, the pair are often referred to a psychologist – and a very good reason.

The conclusion from all of the above is very simple: to become pregnant need to prepare in advance to pass the required examination, to adjust their way of life and psycho-emotional attitude.

Experience shows – the long awaited conception occurs precisely in those moments when a man and woman cease to be regarded sex as a way to quickly get pregnant, and fully enjoy the process and each other. And your task – to come to this happy event prepared. And that means – to take care of your health!

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