Japan Nuclear Crisis – Effects Of Radiation Exposure On Pregnant Women

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March 2011, Tsunami and Earthquake devastated Japan and more seriously damage their nuclear reactors. Risk of radiation levels have been upgraded to 7.  Yes, we are in nuclear world and we have ourself to blame. Imagine a baby in the mother’s womb who has not been born, and is facing the wrath. I think giving birth to baby is what every woman dream of and is most religion considered sacred, but in today’s world it is almost a crime to bring a child in this nuclear world.

Pregnant women whose fetuses are developing if exposed to radiation can go through birth defects cognitive problems and even cancer. Exposure of nuclear radiation to fetus can happen in more than one ways.

Gamma rays can pass to the fetus by mother’s body just like an x-ray, though women’s body protects and shields the fetus from exposure. Another way that nuclear radiation can affect pregnant woman is by inhaling nuclear damaging particles in the air. It can reached the fetus through the circulatory system of the mother.

Effects on the fetus corresponds to its stage of development and the amount of radiation mother has been exposed to.  The babies which are born after being exposed to nuclear radiation can have brain damage, reduce growth rate and cancer.

I sincerely hope and pray that nuclear crisis in Japan can be controlled and newborn babies are not affected as they have done nothing wrong.

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3 Responses to “Japan Nuclear Crisis – Effects Of Radiation Exposure On Pregnant Women”

  1. Sarah Farrukh says:

    OMG God Bless Japan :O

  2. Samantha says:

    The Japanese people are well acquainted with the horrible effects of radiation from the bombing of hiroshima. It must be even more terrifying knowing what the consequences could be in that situation. Thankfully they have been very vigilant in screening their people for exposure.

  3. Kelly says:

    What a horrible after effect. It is really true that we have to be cautious when the time comes that there will be a nuclear mishaps. God bless Japan indeed. (praying)

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