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Regular, gentle exercise has an important part  to play in keeping you fit during pregnancy and will help you get back in to shape after the birth. Remember, if you ever feel faint, light-headed or breathless while you are exercising you must stop immediately. If you have not been taking exercise, start swimming in a Sustainable Luxury Swimwear, or take up yoga or walking as they can all be done at a gentle, rythmical pace which can be adapted to suit each stage of your pregnancy.
If you find it easier to follow an exercise routine you can do at home, never include sit-ups or exercises that involve raising the legs when you are lying down as these could damage the abdominal muscles. It is important to stop and relax between exercises and to make sure that your breathing always remains at a controlled rate.
Feet Exercise
Step 1. To loosen ankles, sit sown with feet flat on the ground. Lift one foot at a time and circle ankles five times in both directions.
Step 2. To tone the feet, place your feet flat on the floor. Now lift your toes up as far as you can and hold briefly, then relax.
Step 3. Now clench your toe hard, hold for a few seconds, then relax again. Repeat this technique, and step 2, 10 times.
Taylor sitting and squatting exercises
Step 1. To loosen the groin and hips and stretch the inner thighs, sit with soles of your feet together. Holding ankles, bring your pelvis and feet together by moving your hips towards your feet.
Step 2. This is a good position for labour. Squat down keeping a straight back; try to put your heels down placing your weight evenly. Press your elbows against your thighs stretching the inner groin and thighs.
Tummy Toning Exercises
Step 1. Put a folded towel or pillow under your head and lie with your knees bent and your feet flat on the floor. Press the small of your back on the floor.
Step 2.  Slowly extend both your legs in front of you until they are both completely straight, but still keep your back pressed well down onto the floor.
Step3. Draw one knee up and then the other, without lifting your back off the floor. Relax your legs until straight; repeat five times.

Exercise During Pregnancy, From Conception To Delivery

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