Look Good And Feel Great….For Less

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Think leading in healthy lifestyle is expensive? You won’t believe how cheap it could be. Here reveals how to drop pounds from your waistline-not your wallet!

Eating well, exercising regularly and stressing less are great goals for aim for – but let’s face it, they come at a (top) price. And with headlines screaming about a double-dip recession on a daily basis, it’s no surprise that money, not health, takes priority.

In fact, a survey by the World Cancer Research Fund found that a third of Brits don’t exercise regularly because gym memberships are too costly. Well, we say you can have your organic veggies and eat them too! We’ve tacked down the best ways to fight fat and boost health without splashing the cash.

look fit for less

look fit for less

Create your own gym

According to research, we spend 37 million pound a year on unused gym subscription! If you don’t use it, ditch it and make a home gym instead. ‘Exercise doesn’t have to be expensive’. ‘Even weight training can be done at home using water bottles.’ Fill two bottles with liquid – 1l equals roughly 1kg – and voila, you have homemade dumbbells! Want to go one better? Invest in low-cost kit like resistance band or a stability ball.

Put it on ice

Think fresh is best? Think again. Scientist from the institute of Food Research claims frozen veggies are more nutritious. It can take two week for fresh produce to reach our plates, losing up to 45 percent of nutrients en route. ‘Frozen produce often works cheaper and is just as healthy’. ‘Opt for antioxidant-rich frozen foods like berries.’

Shop ’til you drop

A study found that the price of organic meat was 37 per cent higher at supermarkets than farm stores, so it’s worth seeking out your local producers. Fancy organic veggies? ‘Spend money on produce that’s been exposed to fewer pesticides’.

Race for life

What’s the secret to a long life? According to the Copenhagen City Heart Study, it’s jogging. Apparently, running at an easy pace for one to two hours a week can increase life expectancy by five-and-a-half years. ‘You don’t need the latest gear to run’. ‘And, it will help you de-stress.’ Struggling to get motivated? Alternatively, turn your commute into a workout. ‘I recommend running home from work three times a week, and getting a bus halfway if it’s too far,’ says personal trainer. ‘It’s a great way to unwind and get a toned butt!’

Bake in bulk

‘Swapping ready meals for homemade food will save loads of money’. ‘Cook soups and casseroles in bulk ad freeze what you don’t use.’ You can also make several meals from one dish; a simple whiz in the food processor will turn vegetable curry dinner into your lunchtime soup! ‘You could also try the paleo diet’. ‘The foods on this diet-meat, fish, fruit and veg-are relatively inexpensive and healthy.’

Grow your own

‘One of the cheapest ways to ensure the food you’re eating is fresh is to grow your own’.’ The vegetables you grow will be tastier than the shop-brought version.’ Experts from the American College of Sports Medicines also found gardening burns more than 300 calories an hour

Bend and stretch

Stress is linked to high blood pressure and it also causes weight gain. ‘The stress hormone, cortisol, has been linked to fat around the tummy’. How to de–stress? Yale researchers compared the effects of meditation and yoga on hypertension, pronouncing yoga the winner. ‘Squat in seated prayer pose when potting plants’. ‘It’s a great way to stretch muscles.’

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