Moles – Signs Of The Goddess

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In the XV century, moles and birthmarks were considered devil marks. Women who had them, threatened to be burned. And in the XVIII century, the spread …If a mole: round, it means good, oblong, a moderate share of good luck, a triangular or “ragged” edges – and a mixture of good and bad. more saturated color mole, the more pronounced will be personality traits, which indicate a mole, the greater the role play in the fate of those happy or disastrous events that foreshadow the signs of the goddess of love. However, in case you have one that is growing to much and you do not necessarily like it check out the skin tags are easy to remove than you think, use one of the right skin tag removal products to ease the process.

  1. Forehead. When the mole is in the middle of the forehead, it indicates an active and industrious character of the man on his success in business and happy marriage. If a mole on the right or on the temple, industrious man, inclined to love and courtship, very lucky in life as a whole and happy in marriage. A mole on the left side shows the same, but the holder will require much more effort to achieve the same success.
  2. Eyebrows. birthmark above (or on) the right eyebrow – a sign of cheerful, active character, courage and perseverance. Such a person is expected to wealth and success in love affairs. He will be a nice husband, they will live happily and have many children. A man with a birthmark on the left eyebrow is very different: he is lazy and irritable, faint-hearted, hard drinkers, women (men) would be interested in it very little. This person will experience many disappointments in life, and he will not have children.
  3. Eyes. birthmark near the corner of any eye indicates a fair, reasonable and strong character, a tendency to love pleasure. Sometimes, it predicts a violent death at the end of life’s journey, which will consist of ups and downs, joys and disappointments.
  4. FNL. Moles on any part of the nose, usually indicate a short-tempered and passionate nature, the propensity for amorous adventures. In friendship, man to be faithful, open and honest. At the same time, alas, is a person irritable, often will be tempted by the “green dragon”. However, it expects success in life, good, even a happy marriage.
  5. CHEEKS. birthmark on her cheek – whether it is right or left – evidence of hard work and benevolence. One who “wears” her at this point, inclined to athletic sports, but not very courageous. He will never be rich nor very poor, but would be better off than his parents.
  6. Ears. birthmark on either ear – a harbinger of wealth. If it is located on a lobe, stay away from water – in danger of drowning in a river, lake or sea.
  7. Lips. birthmark on his lips – a sign of fragility. It is necessary to follow a diet throughout life, with great care of their health.
  8. Chin. birthmark on the face speaks of a calm and friendly disposition of man. He was very pleasant and natural in all its manifestations. Hard-working, loves to travel. Very successful in business. And a good partner not only in them, but also in other spheres of life.
  9.  Neck. If a mole in the front – a good sign, if located behind – foreshadows trouble. When she was “stuck” at the side, know that over the years, such person will become increasingly picky and insincere.
  10. Shoulders. On the left shoulder: the ugly man, prone to dispute anything and everything. His life will be boring, monotonous. But the children will be many. The success in the remaining cases will be very modest. On the right shoulder: a man discreet and cautious, endowed with great wisdom, tact and diplomatic sense. He is hardworking and not very amorous. Can be a very good partner in all spheres of life.
  11. Armpits. Hidden in these places moles say the man should be attractive, rich and generous.
  12. Hands. birthmark on his hand – whether right or left – a sign of great strength of spirit, determination and loyalty, generosity and prosperity. The man often said that he is to a successful career military man.
  13. Elbows. birthmark arrangement at any of the elbow indicates a restless and uneven, as well as a passion for travel. At the same time says that man is not satisfied with their family life, indifferent to money and property. But he is – a good and loyal friend.
  14. Wrist. Sincere, endowed with an imaginative man (possibly the inventor). wrists birthmark located on any of the hands, points to the wealth, industry and energy.
  15. Toes. A bad sign. He says the tendency to steal and that its owner will never be rich.
  16. Back. The following blades: a difficult life with many disappointments. Above the blades: the difficulties would be too much, but people will be able to cope with them.
  17. Buttock. powerlessness and poverty. The tendency to laziness. thorax. birthmark in this place speaks of the absurd and an unhappy character. Such a person is extremely amorous and unmanageable.
  18. Chest. birthmark on her right breast: a passion for alcohol and the opposite sex. Such a person will experience a sudden twists of fate. She should beware of betrayal from friends. A mole on the left breast: hardworking and wise character. A good lover (lover). In Life such a person will be successful, children will have many teats.
  19. Loin. birthmark on either side of her talking about hard-working, amorous character, devotion to family and friends. Such a person expects a moderate success in life. All that he will be well deserved.
  20. Umbilicus. The woman – an indication of a good marriage and a large number of children. The man – a sign of good luck in all your endeavors, richness. The son of your son will be known by man.
  21. Belly. birthmark arrangement in the man talks about having a little common sense. It also indicates wealth. If you have in the abdomen, this is evidence that the child you will be inclined to promise more than to perform, but nevertheless would be a very respected man.
  22. Genitals. birthmark in man: noble, honest, open disposition. Love appreciates above the frequent intrigues. He will be very happy in marriage. Need never dwell in his house. A mole in a woman indicates that she is the mother of a great man – a genius.
  23. Hip. In the right thigh – a man with a pleasant disposition, amorous and very courageous. On the left – people will be good and benevolent, to work hard and do not have much interest in the pleasures of love.
  24. Knees. Location mole on his left knee shows a violent and passionate nature, extravagance, lack of love for hard work, dishonesty. On the right – points to the good-nature humor, honest character, a great success in love and a lot of good friends.
  25. Feet. birthmark on any foot – mark careless man, prone to folly. He will face many challenges in life that usually will create for himself. But in general there will be more successes than failures.
  26. Ankle. A man has a mole in this area indicates that femininity and cowardice. Women, on the contrary – for bravery.
  27. Foot. birthmark on any of them talks about melancholic disposition. Its owner – a passive man who was not inclined to follow even the aspirations of his heart. A mole on your feet often predict illness and unexpected disaster.
  28. Heels. At this point, God put a flag vigorously, but unfriendly to man.
  29. Toes. Marriage to a wealthy man, but very little happiness in life.

In conclusion I wish to note that the shape and intensity of moles are important. And besides, remember that over the years may see a new “label”, it will change the character and destiny.

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