New Life Of Old Stuff : 16 Ideas

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1. Serving Tray – whiteboard

Do not rush to throw out the old scratched metal tray. If you cover it with acrylic paint, decorate with stickers or napkins to decoupage technique , and hang on the wall, you get a plaque for the family announcements.

Attach little notes, cards and pictures to it can be by means of magnets.

2. Tea Set – TABLE LAMPS

Scattered cups, teapots, saucers and sugar bowl from old crockery combine together to create an original base for a table lamp. We’ll have to carefully drill the holes in the stems and strung on a metal pipe objects, which will pass the wire.


Unusual eaves of a wooden paddle to be quite appropriate in suburban house or a room for the boy. This decorative element is a touch of humor to make a strict interior. Incidentally, in the same role and can act as a broom.

4. PULL BOXES –  Shelves

The drawers of all stripes – from the desk, an old wardrobe, a kitchen – can be a wonderful way to beat. Make a rack of them in random order, connect the design with screws, painted in bright colors, and the bottoms of boxes (now this will be the back wall rack) decorated with a piece of wallpaper.

Designer shelving is ready!


Upstairs lying around the old badminton or tennis racket? So it’s a wonderful vintage decorative elements! Give these witnesses forgotten your old hobbies sports a new life by inserting a racket, like a frame, a mirror (good curly cut glass now you can learn even at home).


To purchase storage containers and large bulk items you will save a screw Glass jars with lids. Attach the lid with screws to the kitchen shelf, and they wintite banks – now all the ingredients you’ll always be in sight.

7. Curtains –  CANOPIES

Make the bedroom or girl’s room a romantic flair will allow the canopy. And it is not necessary to construct a bulky design, it is enough to hang on the line in the center of the bed you like two curtains or blinds.

8. Plastic spoons –  MIRROR in the frame

Multi-colored plastic spoons, forks and knives are easily transformed into cheerful frame for a mirror. In addition to color, cutlery, posted a fan, give the frame of the original invoice!

9. CARDBOARD BOXES –  Wall shelves

Round hat or gift boxes will be collecting dust and take a lot of space to ever since, until you decide to create this original design of the object. Remove the lid and bottom of boxes. Paste the remaining cylinders, paper or vinyl “wood”, creating a composition of them on the wall – and the original rack is ready!


Cutlery – fertile ground for inspiration! If figured to bend spoons and forks – you get the unusual hooks for the kitchen , clips for curtains or here are so nice handles for kitchen cabinets and drawers.

11. Enclosures FROM CD –  Decorative Panels

To create this art object need very nice picture, and 20 plastic sheath from the CD. Cut the image up to 20 squares in size cartons and place them inside. Now it’s your picture – “under glass”.

12. MEN’S SHIRTS – Decorative Pillow

In a decorative pillowcase can be made ​​into the old man’s shirt, while you do not have to invent how to make the clasp. In addition, fashionable pillows are obtained from old sweaters and fleece jackets – use as the main decorative motif on things existing ruffles, crocheted “spit” and sewn drawings.

13. JEWELRY – fridge magnets

Old brooches, pendants and earrings bored in caskets. Such beauty to show! Glue the back of each ornament magnet and put his collection of the most conspicuous place – on the fridge!

14. Pots for colors – Lampshades

The original interior decoration in the style of the country or a country house – lampshades made ​​of clay flower pots. The presence of drainage holes simplifies and reduces the process of manufacturing the lamp cord to the threading and screwing the bulb into the socket.

15. Tin – CANDLES

Cans – it’s beautiful placemats, pens and pencils. They make vases and flower pots, and even they can omit the string-wick, pour the wax – and the gift candles in trendy vintage-style ready! Choose a beautiful cans of tea or coffee.


Paper containers out of the egg is not just for soundproofing walls. They make light and green boxes, which can be used, for example, for storing sewing accessories.






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