Nutrition Before Pregnancy

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Optimum nutrition before pregnancy is important because of the amount of resources childbirth requires. The intake of essential nutrients become more important before pregnancy in context of the mother as all the extra nutrition one takes gets stored in the body. This serves as a reserve at the time when the baby is conceived, mainly during first trimester of the pregnancy when the desire to eat is less and whatever one eats comes out as the frequency of throwing up is high. That is when the ‘reserves’ in the body are of great help to meet the increase nutritional demands. The process of pre-pregnancy nutrition is a process of building up the immune system in preparation of pregnancy and is known as being one of the major benefactors in determining the success rate of conceiving healthy children. Following a nutritionally sound diet before pregnancy can better the chances of a normal birth-weight, improved foetal brain development, and decrease the chances of pregnancy complications. Furthermore, a healthy diet will decrease pregnancy complications in mothers such as anemia, oedema, morning sickness, fatigue and constipation.

Nutrition Before pregnany

Nutrition Before pregnany

So start taking a balanced diet which is low in fat and rich in proteins, carbohydrates, vitamin and minerals. Regular Vitamin B12 intake is known to reduce the chances of infertility and ill-health. It is advisable for a woman planning a baby to take approximately 400 milligrams of folic acid every day. Cereals are rich source of folic acid.

Fathers to be, should take balanced nutritious diet as healthy eating boosts the fertility levels. Add a lot of proteins, vitamins and minerals, especially Vitamin C as it cuts the risk of damaged sperms, and Zinc as it compliments the semen volume and testosterone levels.

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