Orgasm And Baby’s Kicking

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No matter what you do these days, your baby’s along for the ride. And when it comes to love making, the ride can make baby very sleepy. The rocking motion of sex and the rhythmic uterine contractions that follow orgasm often lull fetuses to dreamland. Some babies, on the other hand (because every baby’s an individual), become more lively after their parents make love. Either reaction is normal and healthy, and it is in no way a sign that sex isn’t safe. Nor, in case you’re wondering, is it a sign that baby’s in the know about what’s going on between those sheets (baby’s completely in the dark, literally).

In fact, unless your practitioner has prescribed otherwise, you can continue enjoying lovemaking—and orgasms—until delivery. And you might as well get the sex in while you can. Let’s face it—it may be a while before it’s this convenient to make love with your baby in the house again.

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