Practical Tips For Bathing Your Newborn

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When bathing your baby?

Bathing the baby and gives parents the pleasure, provided it is properly organized. Try to carry out this procedure every day, around the same time. It is not necessary to bathe a hungry child, but after dinner should not do it. Ideally, if the swimming will take place at night, then this procedure will be to prepare the child to sleep.When very hot, you can bathe the child several times a day, in compliance with the temperature, because bathing – it’s not just wash the mud, but the hardening and strengthening the body.Before bathing your baby can do a light massage.

Bathing your newborn

Bathing your newborn

How to bathe a baby?

Types of trays 

For swimming you will need a baby bath, because it is possible to bathe in the room. But in a small bath water cools rapidly.Now a wide variety of children’s baths. Conventional, plastic trays vary in size and color. But in such trays may be difficult swimming because child will have to keep one hand and the other to wash.But in the “anatomical” tray supports built-in stand. They are convenient to use at first, until the baby can not sit. However, a swim in them will not succeed.Transform an ordinary bath into an anatomical You can use special slides. It is attached to the bottom, either skirting the bath. On a hill baby is reclining.Travelers handy inflatable tub. It is convenient to take with you.

Adaptations for swimming

For kids you can buy a floating mattress, those who are already sitting chair for bathing and older – a rubber mat that prevents sliding.The process of bathing is not without wool or sponge, but can go up and soft mitten, which is worn on her mother’s hand. Get a sponge and interesting for children, for example, in the form of animals.After bathing, you will need a bath towel, one can with a hood. Older kiddies will like bathrobes.

The water temperature when bathing

Begin to bathe the child should be at a temperature of 37 C. But not all children with this temperature is optimal. Listen to the desires and mood of your baby. If you are going to temper the crumbs, then the water temperature is reduced by one degree each day. At the end of swimming can wash the baby with cool water from a jug.Boil the water is not necessary. In the water for bathing babies, you can add a weak solution of potassium permanganate and decoctions of various herbs, but do not abuse them.

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