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  1. Carol says:

    I’m cnsiehe and my husband’s korean but both cultures have very similar ideas about postpartum recovery. My mom did not want me to touch anything cold during that first month she told me if I HAD to open the fridge to get something, I should put on an oven mitt first to protect my joints. She also made sure I was wearing socks AND slippers at all times.My MIL made me seaweed soup and I drank it 3x a day for the first two months. She also made me this delicious kabocha rice porridge. Good thing I’m the type of person who can eat the same thing over and over! Surprisingly, I’m still not sick of miyukguk.The only time I left the house that first month was to go to my daughter’s first pediatrician appointment.I do believe these rituals serve a good purpose though. I think I will take them even more seriously the second time around. Our joints are still soft and weak from the oxytocin from labor and breastfeeding so it is so important to get rest and stay away from the cold if we can help it.

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